Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Game Time- Hamels to Clinch

Cole Hamels' 2009 season and postseason have been a struggle. He's looked dominant at times, but seems to fall apart when things don't go his way (blown calls, fielding gaffes). Tonight he looks to put all that behind him and help the Phillies clinch their second straight NL pennant. He'll be opposed by the switch-hitting guru and all-of-a-sudden brilliant pitcher Vicente Padilla for the Dodgers. After Monday night's historical comeback the Brick Cit House will be rockin' with anticipation this evening.

Phood 4 Thought:
*The Phillies are 6-2 this postseason and need 5 more wins for WFC2.

*Ryan Howard has an rbi in 8 straight playoff games (14 total this postseason). Another big game tonight, coupled with a Phils victory locks up NLCS MVP honors for him.

*Carlos Ruiz's on base percentage is an eye-popping .533.

*Brad Lidge hasn't allowed a run all postseason (4 gm/3 ip) after notching an abominable 7.21 ERA during the regular season. Gotta give credit when/where credit is due.

All Aboard the Cooch Train:
First it was TBS with the infamous "Cooch" typo for Phils catcher Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz in the postseason last year, and now it's a Philly news dude with an emphatic slip of the tongue. Video taken without permission from The Fightins for your viewing pleasure...

And for your listening pleasure...
(Parental Advisory- Explicit Content)



GM-Carson said...

Damn Hamels is a killjoy this season. Another stinker tonight by him. Thankfully Werth and Feliz muscled up. Now it's a battle of the bullpens.

GM-Carson said...

Starting to feel really good about this...way to go Vic!

GM-Carson said...

Damn it feels good to be a Phils fan. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Dr. Steve said...

Pedro goes up to Ruben Amaro Jr. during the big speech moment to tell him thanks for bringing me here. Awesome. Gotta love him, now that he's a Philly.

Hooray, Phillies are off TBS!! WORLD SERIES TIME TO WIN!

ripjgarcia said...

Cool Customers

Did anyone notice that the Phillies (in their home town unlike last year) did not celebrate tonights achievement.

Jayson Werth summed it up in his postgame interview and this is no quote: One pitch at a time, one game at a time.

And they believe.. and so should we.

SirAlden said...

Four More.

GM-Carson said...

Couple things:
1. Their celebration wasn't over-the-top, because although they were happy, they know the ulitimate goal is still yet to be attained.

2. TBS is better than FOX. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver make listening to Cold Play enjoyable.

3. 3 moves I questioned turned out really well- Ibanez, Pedro, and Chan Ho.

Andrew said...

Phantastic game/series!!!! That TBS guy was such a downer! And yes, I did notice the post-win celebration was a lot more muted than the past ones. Does anyone else dislike how after every series win for the last several years the tshirts and hats come out automatically? I think its kind if silly to hand these millionaire superstar athletes a cheap tshirt to wear the second they win the game. A hat is good, but let them celebrate in their uniforms in full glory!