Thursday, October 08, 2009

Game 1 Recap, Game 2 Preview, and Phillies Sued

Game 1 Recap:
The wind was blowing like crazy, so homeruns in this media dubbed "bandbox" were not an issue. Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth each hit balls that would normally have been in the seats, but yesterday went for a rbi double and triple respectively. Overall, the Phils got their offense jump started in the 5th with a Raul Ibanez rbi double, and tacked on 4 more runs after that. Every batter in the lineup had a hit for the Phils, including pitcher Cliff Lee, who also swiped a bag. Lee's best work was on the mound though, where he went the distance allowing only 1 run and 6 hits over 9 frames. End game- good guys 5, bad guys 1, 1-0 series lead Phils.

Game 2 Preview:
It's hard to believe after 4 seasons in the majors that Cole Hamels has made only 1 disastrous regular seasons start against the Colorado Rockies, but that's case. Lifetime against Rox: 0-1, 3.2 ip, 17.18 ERA, and 3.27 WHIP. Last season's postseason hero struggled much of this season, and finished up with a losing record (10-11) and an ERA well above 4 (4.32). All of that is erased now that it's meaningful October baseball, and expecting a quality start from Cole this afternoon is safe. The Rockies counter with Aaron Cook. Lifetime against Phils: 1-5, 47.2 ip, 5.85 ERA, and 1.59 WHIP.

A 12 year old girl sued the Philadelphia Phillies and doubt she had help from her legal team, unless she's some sorta mini-me version of Janet Reno. Jennifer Valdivia was one of the 17 fans in attendance during the game in which Ryan Howard hit his 200th career homerun against the Florida Marlins in Miami. She didn't necessarily seek the ball out upon its landing into the stands, rather she felt the ball was lonely because it sat there all alone. Naturally Howard wanted the ball because of its historic meaning (fastest player to 200 homeruns) and had it in his possession for a few months until recently when the court ordered the ball be return to the adolescent girl. Damn the legal system!



GM-Carson said...

From The Zo Zone:
Lee on pitching in windy conditions. He was asked about getting blown off the mound: "Did I get blown off the mound? ... Oh, the wind. I thought you were talking about them stroking me."

Charlie Manuel on Lee's stolen base: "I thought, what in the hell is he doing?"

The Phillies have won eight consecutive postseason games at the Bank.

Preserve Jon said...

Moral of the story - Never underestimate the capacity and power of unbridled selfishness.

GM-Carson said...

Dammit, no tickets again.

Email from Phillies-
NLCS Ticket Purchase Opportunity
Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets for the Phillies postseason. Unfortunately your entry was not selected for our online National League Championship Series (NLCS) sale.

Should World Series tickets be made available, you are automatically eligible for those random drawings. Additionally, you remain eligible for any potential NLCS second chance sales. Winners for potential World Series or NLCS second chance ticket sales will be notified via the e-mail address submitted on the Postseason Ticket Opportunity form.

Thank you again for your participation.

Bob D said...

Uhg@! I didnt get picked either. Last year I ot picked for game 5 of the NLDS. Only problem for me wasthe Phis won it in 4.

Aaron said...

I want 10 more wins.

GM-Carson said...

I had tickets for game 5 of the NLDS last year too. Luckily they refund you everything except for the $6 service charge.

I need to see if my contacts in the organization can hook me up.

Andrew said...

Yep, also rejected here for tickets. They sometimes send out standing room only last minute tickets the day before the series begins. For CS or WS, definitely worth it.

Also, that girl is ridiculous. Obviously her greedy parents think a game hit homerun is going to make her rich as opposed to the Ryan Howard autographed one that she was given. So sad the selfishness. Its a baseball, not a gold nugget.

GM-Carson said...

All this stuff about Howard's improved defense is bull. Yeah, he can field balls hit at him now, but he still can't throw. He's horrible at starting a double play and I don't know how many times I've seen him not throw the runner out at 2nd on a pickoff by the pitcher (like today, run 1 is his fault, Cole picked Gonzalez off).

GM-Carson said...

Horrible approach at the plate today so far by J-Roll, Utley, and Werth.

Hamels = Overrated

Is Utley Mr. Anti-October. Including today he is 14-67 (.209) in 19 postseason games.

GM-Carson said...

I haven't been too critical of Manuel this season, but he just made some of the stupidest moves in this game.

Pitching Blanton and Happ means you're starting Pedro is sub-freezing weather on Saturday night. He has a problem getting loose in summer yet, let alone arctic-like October Colorado temperatures.

Also, if they lose this game it's because of defense and double plays. Blanton throwing to 3rd on the bunt- dumb. Howard not finishing off the pickoff in the 1st- horrible.

Dammit this game sucks!

Aaron said...

I have no problem with putting Happ and Blanton in the pen ....but pitching them both in the same game is F'ing Retarted!!!

May as well bring in pedro two and start kendrick in game 3.

How many double plays have they grounded into today????


ripjgarcia said...

To address all the comments concerning the choices of pitching.. I lost count at 5.. If Brad Lidge had just done his job all season we might have never seen this piece of micromanaging which involved one of our best pitchers getting whacked with a ball up the middle.

Screw you Lidge... you'll be sitting your ass in the bullpen no matter what happens.