Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WSBGM's Power Rankings

Welcome to round 3 of WSBGM's Power Rankings. Remember, the rankings are based on who we have the most confidence in at the time of the rankings. Overall talent and past performances will bias the rankings slightly, but the goal is to provide a snapshot of who's excelling currently and who is pitching like Brad Lidge (aka- horrible).

Position Players:
1. Utley- Harry said it best, "Chase Utley, you are the man!"
2. Werth- ugly swing, big results.
3. Howard- August and September is his time of year.
4. Ibanez- look who's starting to hit again.
5. Victorino- seems a bit lackadaisical lately.
6. Rollins- leadoff batter's on base % still below .300.
7. Ruiz- all aboard the Cooch-Cooch train!
8. Francisco- perfect 4th outfielder, thanks Cleveland.
9. Feliz- lousy .689 OPS, should Phils pick up his $5M 2010 option?
10. Stairs- looking like a PH threat again.
11. Bako- we could have Paulino, Jaramillo, or Coste instead.
Not Enough Time- Dobbs, Cairo, Bruntlett, Tracy, Mayberry, Hoover.

1. Lee- 7 wins with a 2.65 ERA in 10 starts as a Phillie.
2. Hamels- is primed for another run of postseason dominance.
3. Blanton- sturdy and consistent.
4. Happ- stupid injury derailed would-be rookie of the year award.
5. Martinez- honestly, the entire rotation is good right now.
6. Moyer- since "demotion" has lowered ERA by nearly half a run.

1. Madson- setup master, closing disaster.
2. Walker- husky sweater is 2nd best option because of injuries.
3. Condrey- welcome back Jars of Clay.
4. Kendrick- effective spot start and relief work since return.
5. Escalona- might be LOOGY come playoff time by default.
6. Durbin- walks too many batters.
7. Drummer from Def Leppard's phantom arm.
8. Lidge- still sucks.
Injured- Myers, Romero, Eyre, Ho Park, Taschner.

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GM-Carson said...

Oh Crap! Ruiz had to go back to Philly to get his wrist checked out. If we have to use Paul Hoover and Paul Bako in the postseason I'll be f'n pissed!

GM-Carson said...

Update on Chooch (from BeerLeaguer)- An MRI revealed no structural damage, according to multiple reports. He is expected to miss a handful of games, so Paul (Bako) and Paul (Hoover) will do the catching for now. It's possible they'll add yet another organizational catcher to the mix.

furiousBall said...

i farted

Dr. Steve said...


Dr. Steve said...

I thought for sure they'd fucking call the game. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I don't care about the loss I care about Lidge being a fucking nutcase shithole


ACSmitty79 said...

I've officially given up on Brad Lidge tonight. I think i was the last one, so i'll turn off the lights on my way out.

GM-Carson said...

If I had a rubber hose, I'd beat Brad Lidge with it. 11 blown saves, awesome.

Tech Tips Blog said...

ruiz might turn out to be the phils weak point....lidge should change his name to sludge to match his output for this year...

Tech Tips Blog said...

by the way i thought mayberry wasn't very good...he struck out way too much and was an awful PH

Tech Tips Blog said...

by the way...yes on picking up feliz's option..he's an excellent fielder and we don't have a better option...i don't think greg dobbs fields well enough to play every day and we'd certainly have to get someone to replace him late in, Brunlett is not the answer to either of these problems.