Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time to Win!



GM-Carson said...

Shame Pedro has sucked and thrown like 50 pitches through only 2 innings.

Dr. Steve said...

God this is more than pathetic. I was excited to see how Scott Eyre would react to sealing the win, and they PULL HIM FROM THE GAME FOR BRAD LIDGE!

Is a 7 run lead even enough for the fucking jackass? I shouldn't be angry when we clinch the playoffs for the third year in a row BUT I AM!

how many more years do we have this bastard

Dr. Steve said...

Well the Phillies clinched before Lidge's first pitch.

Wow good job bringing Lidge in for one fucking pitch. Yeah that's going to build his confidence.

If it DOES build his confidence then he's a fucking nutjob.

GM-Carson said...

2009 regular season is as good as over, meaning Brad Lidge gets a fresh start.

10-3 win, awesome. 3rd straight NL East title, also awesome.

Time to defend.

GM-Carson said...

Don't have to worry about Moyer on the playoff roster. He tore his groin last night and needs surgery. Happy trails Grand Pappy, thanks for the good times.