Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to Panic?

6 games to go, need to win 3, is it time to panic? With the Atlanta Braves glued to the Phillies backside like that ill advised "Kiss This" lip tattoo you got on your butt, it's starting to get uncomfortable. The Phils are playing horrible baseball, while the Braves are playing like they can't lose. The pitching matchups heavily favor the Phils in this series with Houston, but the bats have gone silent like the lambs. I'm not quite ready to panic, or am I?

Is it time to panic?
Hell yes!
Calm down Trigger.
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The Phillies and Eagles are joining forces to help raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. They will be selling these t-shirts to do so.



GM-Carson said...

I don't want to panic, but I am. Even if they get a lead, I have zero confidence they can hold it (unless it's like 5+ runs).

GM-Carson said...

Monica- "Chandler, you're panicking."

Chandler- "Uh, huh. Join me, won't you!"

Andrew said...

congrats guys. you're blog just made the NIH (fed govt) banned during work hours list. I used to read you at work, but now it won't let me in. Well done!

GM-Carson said...

are all blogs blocked, or just ours?

Andrew said...

i read Zo (mlb.com) and Lauber (delawareonline.com) but also mlbtraderumors, 700 level, and yahoo fantasy blog. yours is the only one I found and it only started this week. maybe new govt IT policy or something

Corey said...

1) who gives a shit about breast cancer?

2) the phils don't have to win three, they could win zero if the braves lose.

GM-Carson said...

clinch 2nite.

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