Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tale of the Tape - San Francisco

Crookedest Street
San Fran - Most people think it's Lombard St., but it's actually Vermont Avenue between 22nd and 23rd.
Philly - Whatever street Ed Rendell is currently driving down.
Advantage - Push. Neither street can pass a budget...

Bob Saget Connection
San Fran - Saget starred as "Danny Tanner" on the cherished TGIF sitcom Full House.
Philly - Saget was born in Philadelphia, graduated from Abington High School and attended Temple University film school.
Advantage - Philly. Without Philadelphia there is no Danny Tanner. There is no America's Funniest Home Videos. There is no Half Baked cameo. There is no request to copulate on Murray Berenson's couch.

Overrated Hotspot
San Fran - Fisherman's Wharf.
Philly - South Street.
Advantage - Philly. The views at Fisherman's Wharf are great and I liked the seals, but after that it is far too "touristy" to enjoy for more than an hour. At least South Street has some fun bars, interesting stores and a few decent music venues.

Closed Prison
San Fran - Alcatraz.
Philly - Eastern State.
Advantage - San Fran. Alcatraz is freaking cool. I'm fairly skeptical when it comes to things like this, but the audio tour of Alcatraz was one of the most interesting and engrossing tours I've ever taken. Combine that with the boat ride around the bay and the great view of the city from the prison and Alcatraz becomes a "must do" event when visiting the Bay Area. Also, Clint Eastwood never make a movie about escaping from Eastern State, so that alone gives the category to San Francisco.

More categories to come later today...



Andrew said...

from Tim Kurkjian (ESPN):

This team can win the World Series again if closer Brad Lidge gets his act together. If he can find something close to what he had last year, he will be all right. The Phillies have everything else: great power, great defense and more than adequate starting pitching. Stock up

Andrew said...

also, Carrasco is debuting for the Indians tonight. Should be interesting to see how he does

GM-Carson said...

84 total offenders of "The Howard" this season. Can we reach 100 before the end of the year, and will its namesake be added to the list?

Michael Schwimer made his Double-A debut in a double header, pitching in both games, and collecting the win in both games. Not too shabby.

Dr. Steve said...

Mayor Street gets my vote for Crookedest one.

Corey said...

yes. not sure how i missed that connection, but you are right, he is the crookedest street in philly.

GM-Carson said...

I like Tim Kurkjan, or as Corey and I call him, Papa Smurf. He knows what he's talking about and looks like he gets a hard-on when talking about rare feats and stats.

Bob D said...

Is crookedest an actual word?

Escape from Eastern State? hmmmmm Alcatraz wins hands down.

Philly will fill the stadium but hitting a homer into the water is cool too.

Dr. Steve said...

I like Tim Kurkjian because he's Armenian.

Woo 1-0

GM-Carson said...

It's nice to have the real Cole Hamels back. 17 straight shutout innings.

Now if we can only get Raul swinging well again. Does he need to go back on the juice like the momma's basement dwelling blogger suggested he was on month's ago?

Andrew said...

preseason lottery up on phillies.com

Andrew said...

Carrasco shelled for 6 runs in 3 innings

Corey said...

now, if cole could just pitch against AAA quality lineups every game...