Thursday, September 03, 2009

Search Party

Send out a search party to comb the deserts, spelunk the caves, scale the mountainsides, canvas the jungles, and plunge the oceans in search of the Phillies offense. In the past 9 games they’ve scored a grand total of 19 runs…not what we’ve come to expect out of the NL’s best offense. They have been shutdown by the Pirates, Braves, and now Giants pitching staffs. With reigning 2008 Cy Young and 2009 Cy Young hopeful Tim Lincecum on the mound, it’s doubtful the offense pokes its head out of the gopher hole today.

Countering “The Freak” Lincecum is the old goat 3-time Cy Young Pedro Martinez. He must be feeling cursed between the inclement weather that seems to pour upon the mound when he starts and now this pitching match-up.

September Call-Ups: relief pitcher Jack Taschner and catcher Paul Hoover thus far. Others soon will follow with the minor league seasons wrapping up.



Corey said...

I ain't found shit.

Andrew said...

paul WHOver?

GM-Carson said...

Love the additions of Bowa, Schu, and most importantly Jeltz in the header.

Andrew said...

Dr. Steve said...

I saw that Deadspin article. And, while midgets creep me out, especially midget women, I think we should do it.

GM-Carson said...

WSBGMs Phantasy League 4 with creepy chick midgets?

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark:
On a J-Roll: When a player is in the midst of a historic offensive season, the world catches on to it by now. But how come, when a guy is chasing a historic defensive season, it's a bigger secret than Dick Cheney's cholesterol count?

So let us alert you to the potentially unprecedented season by Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, a fellow who had committed exactly three errors in 494 chances through Wednesday -- none of those errors in his past 79 games, by the way.

If Rollins maintains that errorless streak through the end of the season, he is on pace to become the first shortstop in National League history to handle more than 600 chances while making no more than three errors. Only Omar Vizquel (three errors in 650 chances in 2000) and Cal Ripken Jr. (three in 660 chances in 1990) have done it in the American League.

"Jimmy Rollins is having a lockdown Gold Glove season," said one scout. "And what's really impressive about it is that he didn't hit for a long time, and he never let his offensive problems affect his defense all season. I think Troy Tulowitzki has better range than Rollins, but he gets a little stylistic and throws balls away at times. Jimmy Rollins is as fundamentally sound as any shortstop who's ever played the game."