Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Road to the Postseason

With 20 games to go, the Phils are 7 up on the Florida Marlins and have a 7.5 game advantage over the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies still have to face the flippin' Fish 6 more times this season, and the boorish Braves 3 more. Playoffs may seem safe, but there's a lot of meaningful baseball left to be played.

Remaining Schedule:
Sept. 15-17 @ Philadelphia vs. Washington Nationals
Sept. 18-20 @ Atlanta vs. Braves
Sept. 22-23 @ Florida vs. Marlins (doubleheader on 22nd)
Sept. 24-27 @ Milwaukee vs. Brewers
Sept. 28-Oct. 1 @ Philadelphia vs. Houston Astros
Oct. 2-4 @ Philadelphia vs. Florida Marlins.

Fallen Heroes:
May Patrick Swayze bring the luck of the Golden Girls to the Phillies.



GM-Carson said...

Phillies magic # is 13.

Aaron said...

The Mets are 20 games out of 1st place...


Aaron said...

If the Phillies Lose with Cliff Lee going against Garrett Mock and the Nats tonight, I will glue a Mr. Met bobble head doll to my avocado sack.

There's no Jeltz-ing way they lose tonight.

GM-Carson said...

"avocado sack"...gross

Aaron said...

That was a shitty at bat for Ruiz. Yes he drove in three runs but once again like he does everytime he has a man on 3rd...he hit a ground ball to 3rd base ...he got lucky that it bounced high enough.

GM-Carson said...

So I guess this Cliff Lee guy is okay.

Dr. Steve said...

Cliff Lee hasn't regained my trust.

GM-Carson said...

Playoff rotation- Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Pedro Martinez, and Joe Blanton. But what if JA Happ proves to be healthy and gets back to pitching the way he was? What if it's a 5 games series and you only need 3 starters? These are good "problems" to have.