Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Read the shirt!



SirAlden said...

God Bless Charlie Manuel...

Bringing in Brad Lidge.

Always the father.

Believing in you.

Zac said...

Agreed... Classy move by Uncle Chollie. And then he just walks back into his clubhouse office... No champaign til Broad St.

GM-Carson said...

I was a bit baffled when Charlie came to the mound to remove Eyre, but as soon as I saw it was Lidge I understood. I don't necessarily agree with it, I wouldn't have made that move, but it was classy and it did probably boost Lidge's self-esteem, as we need that heading into October.

Best record/home field advantage still very much up for grabs. Keep winning.

Andrew said...

looks like it could be a 2007 NLDS repeat. Hopefully with a better outcome this time! Threepeat! Love it! I also love that I'm slightly complacent about the clinch. Its good to be able to get to that point. Now I know how Yankees fans feel. Classy, albeit somewhat useless move to bring in Lidge. I still think Charlie hasn't decided on a closer yet and that Madson is the front runner. Gotta love the last 4 meaningless games! The phils have had only ONE meaningless game since the start of the 2004 season and that was the last game last season!

Side note, looks like your blog is probably flagged at my work because of the gambling links.

GM-Carson said...

Sorry about that Andrew, but Corey and I figured we'd take the money if people/sites were offering it to us.

I'm excited, but not nearly as excited that I was the past 2 years. Making it to the playoffs is great, but I'm hungry for another WFC!

Preserve Jon said...

Amen. Way to go Fightins!

SirAlden said...

What I think might go unnoticed about bringing in Lidge, is
how it makes the other 24 players
on the roster feel.

If you were one of those players,
you would go through fire for Cholly.