Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Power of Swayze?

I was more than a little concerned when Carson tried to harness the power of a recently deceased Patrick Swayze yesterday. Sure, it worked when Bea Arthur died but we were already riding the Golden Girls train when she passed. This effort seemed more like corpse exploitation, which worried my given Swayze's history of seeking revenge in ghost form. I was fully expecting Whoopi Goldberg, while channeling the spirit of the dirty dancer, to negatively interfere with the Phillies last night. But I was wrong. Lee dominated the Gnats. Swayze did not seek retribution for our attempt to turn his cancerous pancreas into Phillies wins. But did Swayze give the Phils some good mojo? Who knows, but the precedent has been set and I'm not one to mess with a winning streak. So, until the Phillies lose again, we'll have to go with Swayze...


GM-Carson said...

The Power of Swayze ir real!

Digging the "Magic #" in the top left sidebar.

Andrew said...

that is an awesome clip of Charlie. Who knew he could move so well.

magic number picture rocks

GM-Carson said...

NL Rank for OPS by Position:
1B- Howard (.902) 8th
2B- Utley (.952) 1st
3B- Feliz (.704) 8th
SS- Rollins (.702) 8th
LF- Ibanez (.912) 3rd
CF- Victorino (.825) 2nd
RF- Werth (.893) 4th
C- Ruiz (.790) would be 2nd if he had enough at bats to qualify

Utley is the shit. He leads all NL 2nd basemen by at least 100 points in OPS. Once again Howard's OPS is far from the cream of the crop in the NL for first basemen. Hard to believe Raul still has a higher OPS than Ryan. Chooch has been killer lately.

GM-Carson said...

I don't believe in jinxes, so here goes...How awesome would 3 straight shutouts be? Blanton is dealin' tonight, but so is Livan.

That double steal with Howard and Utley was a thing of beauty. That's the kind of stuff I love about baseball.

Aaron said...

a nice clean win. This doesn't happen much for a miserable SOB like me but I have nothing bad to say.

GM-Carson said...

Ahh, Aaron, that was so sweet.

SirAlden said...

Interesting Stats from David Murphy of High Cheese.

In both 2009 and 2008 Lee was significantly better on 5 Days rest,
and Hamel was significantly better on 4 Days rest.

Could be Power and Rest for Lee, Touch for Hamels.