Saturday, September 26, 2009

Physically & Statistically Beat Up

Some Phillies are getting beat up physically, while others are getting beat up statistically.

Physical Beat Downs:
*Pedro Martinez is scratched from today's start because of a lingering stiff neck that forced him out of his previous start. Taking his place today in the rotation is Kyle Kendrick.

*Carlos Ruiz has a bum wrist and has received numerous cortisone shots in it over the past few days, but he remains unavailable for duty.

*Paul Bako got lit up at the plate on Thursday night and is feeling a bit sore. These things happen when you're an 83 year old catcher I suppose.

*Scott Eyre and his "loose body" in his left elbow are "active", but have yet to appear in a game since being deemed ready.

*JC Romero has a mound session today, and it could be his last should it go well.

*Chan Ho Park is set to throw off a mound today and is "progressing pretty well".

*Brett Myers and his sore shoulder may be ready to pitch by late next week.

Statistically Struggling:
*What in the world has happened to Cliff Lee? He is 2-3 with a 6.35 ERA over his last six starts, with one start being a shutout.

*Jayson Werth has 1 hit in his last 21 at bats with 12 k's.

*Pedro Feliz is batting .216 with a .591 OPS in September.

*Brad Lidge has been scored upon in 5 straight outings and 6 out of 9 appearances during September.

*Shane Victorino is batting .241 with a .643 OPS in September.

Gotta love how we're stumbling into the playoffs.



GM-Carson said...

I try not to put too much stock into body language, expressions on faces, and stuff like that because it can't be measured and some geek with a calculator would say it's irrelevant because it can't be quantified, but last night certainly seemed like a game where you could tell the team was defeated just by their body language from the get-go, didn't even have to look at any stats to see they lost.

Corey said...

giving up 4 runs in the first probably didn't help the morale.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, that kinda sucks anytime I suppose. They'll be fine tonight, they'll hit 3 homeruns off of Looper and notch the win. Need to because Atlanta won yet again.

Dr. Steve said...

Charlie is a madman. Pulling Kendrick in the 5th for Moyer, who will probably pitch until the 9th.

GM-Carson said...

Ugly horribly played game so far. Ibanez and Kendrick with errors. Werth pulls up on a ball and lets it drop right in front of him for a ground-rule double, should have been caught. J-Roll lets a pop-up bounce off his chest, allowing 2 runs. I hate watching them when they play like this, it's disgusting.

Dr. Steve said...

Lately it's been nothing but errors.

Dr. Steve said...

Tyler Walker Bandwagon!! Last stop!! All must get off!!

Aaron said...

The Phils need to clinch this thing asp drink some champagne and take a couple days off.

No one on our team can pitch in the 9th. NO ONE.

I just don't have a good feeling about the post season.

GM-Carson said...

The chance that the Phils won't make the playoffs is increasing every passing day without wins.

Even if they do make the postseason, it won't matter, because they really don't have anyone that can pitch the 9th.