Friday, September 11, 2009

Phlashback Phriday: September 11, 2000

The date 9/11 will always cause flashbacks to that horrific event in American history in the year 2001. Most of you probably remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard about the first plane striking the Twin Towers. The world came to a complete standstill that day as we watched the drama unfold. Baseball was at the forefront of bringing our great country back some form of normalcy. Today I choose the last 9/11 before the one we'll never forget to "phlashback" on.

Venue- Veterans Stadium
Event- Montreal Expos @ Philadelphia Phillies
Game 1 Lineup:
1. Marlon Anderson- 2B
2. Kevin Sefcik- CF
3. Bobby Abreu- RF
4. Travis Lee- 1B
5. Kevin Jordan- 3B
6. Rob Ducey- LF
7. Gary Bennett- C
8. Alex Arias- SS
Pitchers- Cliff Politte (starter) and Jeff Brantley.

Recap- Politte pitched 8 strong innings allowing 2 runs and picking up the win, while Brantley shut the door on the Expos for his 23rd save. The Phillies scored 4 unearned runs, thanks to 2 Geoff Blum errors, and won the game 5-2. Current Phillie, Andy Tracy, started at 1st base for the Expos that day, brothers Wilton and Vlad Guerrero were with Montreal too.

Game 2 Lineup:
1. Marlon Anderson- 2B
2. Doug Glanville- CF
3. Bobby Abreu- RF
4. Scott Rolen- 3B
5. Pat Burrell- LF
6. Travis Lee- 1B
7. Tomas Perez- SS
8. Tom Prince- C
Pitchers- Randy Wolf (starter), Chris Brock, Ed Vosberg, Vicente Padilla, and Wayne Gomes.

Recap- Wow, a game with switch-hitting guru Padilla in relief, and two almost-forgots Brock and Vosberg. The Phillies lost the second game of the double header 7-6, but Pie Guy Tomas Perez did steal a base, so the game wasn't a total waste. Montreal went to 60-82 while the Phillies fell to 59-84...both teams sucked.



GM-Carson said...

ESPN has the probables listed for the series against the Mets.

Tonight- Figueroa vs. Hamels (should win)
Saturday- Pelfrey vs. Moyer (push)
Sunday Game 1- Maine vs. Pedro (should win, this is Maine's return from injury)
Sunday Game 2- Redding vs. Lee (should win, but Redding literally pitches as well as Cy Young against the Phils).

Looks like rain tonight, so Monday's off day may get erased.

Dr. Steve said...


I'm guessing.

All 4 are losses.

Andrew said...

unfortunately florida plays the gNats this weekend. a series win is a MUST since the Marlins may just go and get a sweep themselves.

Good thing Florida plays St. Louis next. Should help out our sinking team some.

Kevin McGuire said...

Interesting Phlashback today, and a good choice. I totally forgot about some of those names. Man that takes me back!

josh pincus is crying said...

If you'll never forget, why did you get the year wrong in this post's title?

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