Monday, September 14, 2009

Pedro Wins, Mahow Dances

This is already the 5th time this crazy little fool has appeared dancing on the blog and it's all because of Pedro. Last night Pedro threw 130 pitches en route to 8 shutout innings and the win. Pedro as a Phillie: 7 games started, 5-0, 37.2 ip, 34 k, 2.87 ERA, and 1.09 WHIP. Fantastic.



Andrew said...

outstanding performance by pedro. but can't overlook how good KK was also. Good day for pitching. Still pretty sad for batting. Damn Cy Redding and his 5.52 ERA overall and 2.00 ERA vs the Phils.

Dr. Steve said...

As soon as Pedro won I was looking forward to this post.

Dr. Steve said...

I also love how positive Pedro is about the Phillies chances, while we're running around like headless chickens screaming about the death and decay of the season.

GM-Carson said...

As corny as this sounds, Pedro has been a breath of fresh air. He's entertaining. Watching him you can tell he cares, wants to do his best, and enjoys the playing the game and being with this team.

SirAlden said...

pedro! Pedro!! PEDRO!!!

7-0 He totally cares.

I hope he Starts in the World Series and we resign him.

I think we can, for him it is about
going out on top, and Philly agrees with him.

Then we can send Moyer, Kendrick, and another Minor Leaguer to KC for Alex Gordon and let Milt and Cholly work with him.

GM-Carson said...

I can see the Phils trading Kendrick but the only way to get rid of Moyer will be if he retires or we release him.

Bob D said...

No, Moyer has some trade value. And now even more so as he he shown several times that he still can get people out. It means the Phils eat some money on the contract, but the Phils have shown they are willing. The rotation looks good for next year as long as Lee doesn't excercise the option for free agency (not highly likely) from being traded mid long-term contract.

Now is time to start to ponder homefield advantage. Phils 82W, Cards 84W, and Dodgers 85W, with Rockies as wildcard right now at 82Wins. But the other teams all have played 2 more games than the Phils. So, if they win the extra 2 games they are right there neck and neck with them. Time to root for Giants to put a hurt on Dodgers and Rockies to knock them down a bit.