Monday, September 21, 2009

Off Day Musings

*The Phillies aren't only a homerun hitting juggernaut, they also pound many balls into the gaps (oh, that sounds dirty) for doubles. They lead the NL in HR (210), doubles (219), and runs (747).

*The first handful of months to the season saw the Phils in the bottom portion of the NL in team ERA, but our pitchers are now ranked 6th with a 4.08 earned run average. Thanks Pedro and Cliff.

*With 105 stolen bases and only 22 caught stealing, the Phils have a MLB-best 83% success rate.

*Thankfully September allows for expanded rosters, because many of the Phils pitchers are ailing and the starters have only gone 10 innings in the past 3 games combined due to injuries or weather. Others with bumps and bruises- Eyre, Romero, Myers, Park, and Taschner.

*Old buddy So Taguchi got a September call-up with the Cubs and is batting a cool .500, albeit only in 4 at bats.

*Some WSBGMs readers suggested the Phils should have signed Milton Bradley this offseason instead of Raul Ibanez. Thankfully Ruben Amaro is sane, as Raul has been an all-star and MB has been his old reliant tumultuous piece of crap self getting suspended for the remainder of the season by the Cubs. Image courtesy of More Hardball.

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GM-Carson said...

That double header will be interesting tomorrow. Taking even 1 game of it will make all 17 Marlins fans cry.

SirAlden said...

Think you ought to read this Carson.

Ed Wade fired Cooper instead of himself.

Blame Game Time to save GM jobs.

Bob D said...

Cooper had a 171-170 record. What does Wade have?????

The bullpen is a mess right now. They need to get healthy and also some of them need to pitch regularly over the next 2 weeks. Right now Madson and Tyler Walker are the 2 best in there.

LynnieMac said...

Found the following website while wasting time and immediately thought of the Howard. You guys created it, you guys need to submit it.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like both Myers and Park won't be ready for the start of the playoffs. Damn, this doesn't look good.