Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Blow

Kindly ignore the previous post where I depicted Joe Blanton as the Great American Hero G.I. Joe. Rather, refer to the image to your right for a better representation of what Joe Blanton gave the Phillies tonight- 4.2 ip, 7 h, 4 bb, and 8 r against the lowly Nationals.



GM-Carson said...

Phils might only have a 5 game lead after tonight with Florida currently up 6-2 on the Mets in the 5th. 5 games is a decent lead, but with the way this club has been playing it's time to start worrying a little. Seriously, the defense has crapped out, the offense has disappeared, and the bullpen has shown cracks.

Dr. Steve said...

I love being a Philadelphia fan and giving up on a game before it's half over.

TNA Wrestling is on now y'all.

GM-Carson said...

Steelers vs. Titans also on instead of this shitfest.

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap, Stairs with a grand slam. Now Vic with an rbi, 8-7, can they come back?

Scottie said...

Sound the alarm, the team has lost focus, hitting is gone and the bullpen is a mess - lots of games against those chasing them (and the Stros who recently gave them a beating) coming up.

LynnieMac said...

Sorry for this. I generally avoid changing the topic in comment threads, but tonight's game blew for too many reasons so it's as good a time as any and I MUST know...

What the hell is on Grampy Moyer's head in the banner?

GM-Carson said...

LynnieMac- that picture of Grand Pappy Moyer has him depicted like Gilligan from Gilligan's Island.

I can't believe they fought back like that in the 9th, to have Ryan Howard end the game on a double play with a man on 3rd. Damn.

Andrew said...

why didn't Utley steal second in the ninth??? he steals and no double play, victorino scores, game tied! he steals and they throw him out, victorino scores, game tied! he gets picked off on first by the lefty pitcher, he starts a run down, victorino scores, game tied! he steals, first base open, they pitch around Howard to load the bases, base hit by Ibanez, game tied!

I love Utley and think his half swing hit was brilliant, but he had to be going on the first or second pitch.

GM-Carson said...

Actually, I think Utley should have forced the catcher's hand in the 9th on that "wild pitch". It bounced back to the catcher off the brick wall so fast that Vic had no chance to score, but if Utley had broke to 2nd the catcher would have probably just ate the ball and kept it in fear of throwing it away and allowing Vic to score. Phils are just playing bad baseball.

LynnieMac said...

Thanks, Carson. I'll be able to sleep tonight now. You know, unless the Phillies shit the bed against the Mutts.

I agree that Utley should have taken second on the wild pitch. I nearly screamed myself hoarse at the television when it happened.

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