Friday, September 11, 2009

Hamels- "I'm too sexy."

24 games to go, 5 game lead in the NL East. Hollywood Hamels kicks off the series tonight in Philly against the team he labeled "choke artist" (the Mets). Time to take care of business.



GM-Carson said...

I would think the pierced nipples irritate him under his jersey.

Dr. Steve said...

Madson gave up a run in the 9th. What was it? Should I be worried?

GM-Carson said...

You should be worried because Brett Myers only threw 6 pitches in the 8th and Charlie should have just left him in to pitch the 9th, but he stuck true to his always gotta use a closer approach. I don't understand why if a guy has a quick 8th, why he can't then come out to pitch the 9th, especially when their spot in the lineup doesn't come around.

Amanda said...

WOW, look how big Cole's feet are in that last picture.

Amanda said...

Cole's real abs:

Jay Ballz said...

Colbert is a stud.

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