Thursday, September 10, 2009

Got to get tough, go Joe!

Joe Blanton mounts the bump for the Phils tonight, looking for his 10th win and the series sweep against Livan Hernandez and the gNats.

Meanwhile in the NL East, the Fish (6 games back) and Sean West faceoff against the Metropolitans and Bobby Parnell. The culturally incentive Braves (9 games back) and Derek Lowe are set for a showdown in Houston with Roy Oswalt.



GM-Carson said...

Todd Zolecki has a new post up about the "new role" of Brad Lidge. Basically he's going to pitch in less stressful situations for the time being, but Manuel still sees him as a closer and will use him in that capacity if he sees fit.

GM-Carson said...

Hey, 2 1st inning runs without a homerun.

Dr. Steve said...

Chase Utley, at first base, throwing to home plate to Joe Blanton for the most amazing out ever.

And they aren't even playing their positions! Incredible. If we were winning I might be excited right now.

Dr. Steve said...

Now I know how it feels to be a Nationals fan.

GM-Carson said...

Offense started out good, then shut it down. Joe Blanton started out good, then ended up royally sucking. 8-2 and not even through 5 against the f'n gNats, pathetic.

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