Saturday, September 12, 2009


With every passing day, and every Phillies win coupled with a Marlins loss, the playoffs seem more a reality. Last night Hollywood Hamels pitched well, and the offense scored enough to notch victory 80 on the season. Now 23 games remain, with a 6 game lead in the NL East. Today's game is on FOX, with Grand Pappy Moyer taking the hill for the Phightins, as the Metrosexuals will be countering with big-tounged Mike Pelfrey. Cant' wait for pointless ramblings from Jeanne Zolasko.

If the title to this post was misleading, I apologize. Perhaps you were picturing...


*Add Andrew Carpenter to the list of call-ups in September. He joins Sergio Escalona, Kyle Kendrick (likely tomorrow's day game starter), Jack Taschner, John Mayberry Jr., Andy Tracy, Paul Hoover, as well as the activating of Brett Myers from the DL.

*The Phillies started the season an atrocious 13-22 (.371) at home, but are a stellar 24-9 (.727) since, and are now 37-31 overall (.544).

*The Phillies have a run differential of +94, and their likelihood of reaching the playoffs is 95.7%.

*Shane Victorino is currently tied with fellow speedster Michael Bourn for the NL lead in triples with 11.

*Despite Ryan Howard's improved defense, he still leads NL 1st basemen with 12 errors.



GM-Carson said...

The Howard update:
87 players have committed a Howard this season, but the namesake with 38 homeruns, 166 k's, and 12 errors has yet to combine them in one game.

Andrew said...

you know he secretly reads this blog and is doing this just to annoy you

GM-Carson said...

I wish Zolecki or David Murphy would tell him about his own special stat and how he hasn't even contributed to it this season.

SirAlden said...

Change the name "The Howard" he took off the weight, worked on his fielding, thrown guys out at 2nd Base.

Be nice. Drop it.

GM-Carson said...

Drop it? Drop it?!?!

Yes, his defense is improved, but he's a far cry from Keith Hernandez out there picking it. As I pointed out in the post today, he still leads NL 1st basemen in errors. And last time I checked he still hits plenty of homeruns and strikeouts more than a nerd at the Playboy mansion.

GM-Carson said...

Jamie Moyer is 2nd in the NL in wins since 2007 with 42. Ted Lilly and Adam Wainwright have 43 each. That's nearly unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Zelasko does not even work for FOX anymore, thank god!

GM-Carson said...

Damn, my bad. Who is the chick that works for FOX now?

That 1st inning was evidence that Jamie Moyer still sucks and doesn't belong in the rotation. Get well soon Happ!