Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fix It

Phillies need to be fixed. Who better to fix them than the Washington Nationals? The Phils current offensive struggles have been heavily lamented, as too have Brad Lidge's prolific blown save tendencies. For a team sitting comfortably in 1st place, things aren't looking so hot for them. They need to break out of the doldrums with a series win, capitalized by solid contribution from the bats and stellar work from the bullpen. Pedro Martinez gets the party started tonight in DC against John Lannan.

The Howard Standings:
Our old buddy Bobby Abreu just jumped upon "The Howard" leaderboard, with his second offense this season. He's still hitting just enough homeruns and playing shoddy enough defense to make it on to that illustrious list. Arizona's Mark Reynolds and Washington's Adam Dunn are still tied for the MLB lead with 4 apiece.



Andrew said...

Here's hoping Charlie's words hit home and we go out and sweep the gNats. Here's also to being a Mets fan for 3 days as they play the Marlins and then quickly turning back to sucking as we get them for 4 more this weekend.

GM-Carson said...

Anything less than 2 outta 3 from the gNats would be disgraceful. Hell, a sweep should be in order. Apparently Charlie is pretty pissed off with this team and what he is gauging as "complacency". Watching them the past 2 weeks, it certainly seems that's the case.

Andrew said...

definitely complacency. not cool for the starting pitching to finally fall in line just when the offense goes to sleep. and Lidge, well, there's no explanation for that issue

Bob D said...

If a player get 2Hrs, 2 Errors, and strikes out twice does that count as a double Howard or just as 2 Howards?

I am rooting for Bruntlet to commit a triple Howard in a game

GM-Carson said...

It counts only as 1 Howard, but it is a special Howard. Ex- Felix Pie hit for the cycle earlier this year and got a Howard. Manny went deep twice in the game he earned a Howard.