Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brad Lidge Blows Saves for a Living

2009 Brad Lidge: 0-8, 11 blown saves, 1.86 WHIP, 7.48 ERA. That is the highest single season earned run average and third highest walks+hits/innings pitched (WHIP) by a closer in the history of Major League Baseball. He's put 107 runners on base is just 55.1 innings. He's allowed at least 1 earned run in 27 of his 63 appearances, meaning 43% of the games he pitches in the opposition is tagging him for at least 1 run.

The man that helped secure the World Series championship is likely to do the polar opposite of that this season. With this dilapidated bullpen, Manuel doesn't have too many other options, so expect more gut-wrenching, heartbreaking losses to follow.

The Phillies were 79-0 when leading after eight innings last season. This year they are 75-10.

"It's incredibly frustrating," Lidge said. "I'm disappointed, but they hit the ball tonight. They did a good job. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get another chance to get something started again, but, yeah, I'm definitely frustrated a little bit at a loss, but I'm sure there are some things I can do better."

Get something started?
Like a rally for the opposing team that ends with a blown save and a loss?

Sure there are some thing I can do better?
Like not allowing a run every damn appearance or having the worst season ever in the history of closers?!

*Quote pulled from The Zo Zone.

Freakin' Elves:

I feel like I'm watching an episode of Little People, Big World when a Marlins game is on because of Santa's elves Cody Ross and Dan Uggla.



Dr. Steve said...

You really have to wonder why Brad Lidge hasn't just fucking retired by now.

You ever see that Futurama Episode with Hank Aaron the 23rd or some number, who is the worst player in baseball. He just sucks big time. And he retired.

That guy is Brad Lidge, except Brad Lidge doesn't know that he is the worst player in baseball. And he still thinks he can pitch. I thought Brad Lidge LOSES his confidence quickly. Why isn't the guy crying in a room somewhere? What is he doing THINKING he can go out and pitch?!

GM-Carson said...

Brad Lidge has about 30 million reasons to not retire still waiting for him.

GM-Carson said...

As funny as it may seem (not funny ha-ha, but funny in that you can't f'n believe it), the husky sweater Tyler Walker is the best option. Madson failed, Lidge failed, Myers is hurt, Chan Ho is hurt, time to try Walker.

Joe W. Linden said...

god, our bullpen needs to get healthy fast. we're gonna need every single one of those guys against the rockies/dodgers/cardinals.

... and lidge just needs to disappear off the face of the earth.

Jay said...

There are other options too... Like maybe put in Moyer as closer? What is Adam Eaton doing these days? He could surely close... I don't think he's a bigger fuck up than Lidge.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

You know what, I'm tired of this there aren't many other options bullshit. Fuck that. The Phils have more than just Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge in the bullpen. Are you trying to tell me trying Tyler Walker or anyone else out there isn't a better option than the worst pitcher in all of baseball? Bullshit. Enough is enough. Closer by committee, out by out, batter by batter, whatever, are all better options than Brad Lidge right now.

Andrew said...

the phils will make the playoffs. no question. thus, they should spend the next 10 (?) games left without lidge. give Walker a 2 week audition and if he excels, he's the postseason closer. end of story. Lidge sucks. Madson is only good as setup. Myers, Park hurt. Condrey might have the mental makeup, but probably not the power needed. Durbin is a headcase. No one else.

Audition Walker now!

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Stark wrote an excellent article about just how bad Brad Lidge is and how going on with him this season is blatantly retarded and just asking to lose.

Jay Ballz said...

Time to use a committee. Go for the best match ups every time.

Jeremy said...

Jay, surely you jest, or you are new to the Phils. Eaton can go make friends with Rambo in Cambodia. How can Manuel run Lidge out there with a clear conscious. If I were the Manager I couldn't sleep at nite if I allowed that guy to pitch. Here's a crazy, let J-roll close ala Mark Grace.

Aaron said...

looks like its time for a little Lenny Dykstra on the ol magic number countdown.

Also I would like to add.......

Here is a list of people i would rather see close other than lidge...
Sixto Lezcano
Joe Cowley
Ron Blazier
The Philly Phanatic
Ron Jones left knee
Ron Burgandy
GM Carson.

Dr. Steve said...

I wonder what Clay Condrey is up to. Or when he'll return to his body to be a reliable relief pitcher.

I hope that's just rust and getting used to pitching again. I'm not going to be too happy if he decides giving up runs is the way to go.

GM-Carson said...

Clay's 9th inning wasn't his fault, as Ryan Howard dropped his 2nd would-be out of the game. He actually dropped to throws that were right at him, didn't bounce, and weren't offline...great defense!