Sunday, September 13, 2009


GM-Carson said...

Fellow GMs (readers of this blog) knew Ryan Madson wasn't the man for this job. You can look at stats all you want, but like it or not, there are intangibles in this game. For example, Ryan Madson has great stuff and great numbers in the 8th inning, but come the 9th in a save situation his entire demeanor changes. You can call bullshit on me if you like, but I see if with my eyes. He becomes tentative and unsure of himself and the pitches he's throwing. He simply does not have the mental makeup to be a closer.

Brad Lidge is in the same boat right now. His pitches are still very good, he just lacks the control to get the job done.

The one guy in the pen who has the balls is Brett Myers. Problem being, his arm/body isn't ready to pitch regularly/effectively yet.

GM-Carson said...

(via Zolecki on Twitter): "Ryan Madson is 1-3 with a 7.82 ERA and 7 saves in 13 save opportunities this season. Opponents have hit .352 against him."

That's worse than Lidge. Put Lidge back in the 9th, that way we at least have an effective Madson back setting up.

Bob D said...

Another possibility is Tyler Walker who has been out standing. He also has experience as a ML closer too. Also he owns a sub 2.00 - ERA.