Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Games?

The passing of Monday signified the Phillies last off day of the season. They won't get another breather until October 5th. 14 games remain between now and then with a doubleheader slated for today. With an 8 game lead on both the Florida Marlins (who they play today) and the Atlanta Braves the postseason seems well within the realm of reality.

Game 1 @ 4:10: Joe Blanton (10-7, 3.97) vs. Josh Johnson (15-4, 3.01)
Game 2 @ 8:10: Jamie Moyer (12-9, 5.05) vs. Anibal Sanchez (2-7, 4.50)

Blanton and Moyer are a combined 16-4 against the Fish with a 2.98 ERA over 124 innings. The duo of Johnson and Sanchez are 4-5 with a 5.10 ERA in 67 innings when facing the Phils (most of that being Anibal's fault).

The question is- just how big are these games? If the Phils are swept in this 3-game/2-day series then it would get a bit scary with only a 5 game lead and still 3 more games against Florida later on. However, winning just 1 game would assure that the Marlins get no closer than 7 games, and a 2 game difference is huge at this stage of the season.

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Andrew said...

Johnson is really good. First game is gonna be tough, but the second should be in the bag.

GM-Carson said...

If Johnson's ERA was in the 2.75ish range, he'd be in the Cy Young conversation with Lincecum, Carpenter, and Wainwright.

Kevin McGuire said...

Doe the Phillies NEED to win two out of three against Florida today and tomorrow? No, most likely not. But for the sake of keeping a cool mind about the team heading into the post season, it sure would help.

GM-Carson said...

I would love for the Phils to have a week's worth of meaningless games. Some bench players could use the at bats, some regulars could use the rest, and Andrew Carpenter, Kyle Kendrick, and Jamie Moyer can pick up some starts.

GM-Carson said...

From a Jerry Crasnick- "The Santa Claus and Michael Irvin stories have been done to death, of course, but Philadelphia's reputation for targeting opponents and crushing spirits is well established. When the Rays complained about Phillies fans throwing mustard packets and yelling obscenities at wives and kids in Tampa Bay's family section, it reinforced the national perception of Philly fans as overbearing and lacking in couth.

Conversely, the hard-boiled Philly fan base can provide incentive for the home boys: If you're mentally soft, you fold. But if you have a strong athletic constitution, run out every ground ball and put up the numbers, they'll laud you, love you and help bring the best out of you.

They've sure brought out the best in Jayson Werth.

As the Phillies head to Florida on Tuesday for a three-game series with the Marlins, they have a magic number of six to clinch their third straight National League East title. Werth is a big reason why.

After establishing himself as an everyday player in 2008, Werth is enjoying a Ryan Ludwick-caliber, bust-out year at age 30. He made his first All-Star team in July, and he's established career highs for home runs (34), RBIs (90), doubles (26), walks (79), hits (143) and extra-base hits (61).

That's not all. Werth has 14 stolen bases and 11 outfield assists and is wearing out opposing pitchers with a major league-high 4.50 pitches per plate appearance."

Andrew said...

Werth is amazing. I drafted him in my fantasy league thinking he would put up similar or just under last years numbers. STUPIDLY, I thought Burrell might put up some more power numbers, and swapped the two before the season began. Since then I've replaced Burrell with Alex Rios, another bust, while someone else picked up Jayson long ago. I am shocked he has had a season like he has and I'll be shocked if he does it again. But thats a shock I would love to have.

GM-Carson said...

Well, they did the job against Josh Johnson and Blanton has looked strong through 5. Can they hold on to this game to make the magic # 5 before tonight's backend of the doubleheader?

Dr. Steve said...

Well one more inning to actually score runs.

Got to feel for Moyer here, 2 runs (did he get the third) are really a great number for a starter to get. He doesn't deserve a L going into the 9th. I think next year, if we use Moyer, using him on like 10 days rest will work great.

Or it could be he kills the Marlins.

GM-Carson said...

Game 1 = awesome.

Game 2 = suck. Only 2 hits, both by Utley.