Friday, August 28, 2009

WSBGM's Power Rankings

The Power Rankings are back for round two. Remember, the rankings are based on who we have the most confidence in at the time of the rankings. Overall talent and past performances will bias the rankings slightly, but the goal is to provide a snapshot of who's excelling currently and who is playing like Eric Bruntlett.

Position Players:
1. Ryan Howard - He sucks.
2. Jimmy Rollins - Continues second half, Howard-like resurgence.
3. Jayson Werth - Homer binge gets him in the top three.
4. Chase Utley - Steady. Waiting for a surge.
5. Shane Victorino - Top five? No questions asked.
6. Ben Francisco - Ninth inning double moves him above Pedro.
7. Pedro Feliz - Why not?
8. Raul Ibanez - Has yet to recover from injury. Or is he just old?
9. Paul Bako - Two homers almost not believable.
10. Miguel Cairo - Hasn't played enough to gain or lose confidence.
12. Matt Stairs - Moon shots not getting past the second baseman.
13. Ted Kennedy - more likely to get on base than...
14. Eric Bruntlett - I don't care if he had three hits in one game.
Injured - Greg Dobbs.

1. Cliff Lee - Two unearned runs almost cost him the top spot.
2. JA Happ - New nickname: JA Rule.
3. Joe Blanton - Heavy B coming up big.
4. Cole Hamels - Eight scoreless not enough to bump Heavy B.
5. Pedro Martinez - Barely holding off Moyer.

1. Ryan Madson - Solid...when he's not closing.
2. Chan Ho Park - Next in line for the closers chance?
3. Scott Eyre - LOOGY.
4. Jamie Moyer - Long relief master.
5. Tyler Walker - Good work in place of the injured regulars.
6. Jim Abbott...throwing from the right.
7. Brad Lidge - Maybe he was just tired working for the fourth day in a row?
8. Rodrigo Lopez - Whoopdi.
9. Kyle Kendrick - Doo.
DL'd - Romero, Durbin, Condrey, Myers.



GM-Carson said...

Just got back from the game.

Phils can't hit?

Met Dave Hollins before, during, and after the game...more on that tomorrow.

Good night.

bronxbomber said...

Let it be said that Raul is the man and shit, but he has probably been the biggest disappointment since the All-Star break. His batting avg. has nose-dived 50 or so points, he's only hit a handful of homeruns and he's just not the same guy as he was in the beginning of the year. Honestly, I think you put him too high on your power rankings list. I hate to say that, cause Raul is the man and shit...but damn.

GM-Carson said...

Walking into the game at PNC last night my buddy and I passed Dave Hollins. My buddy wasn't really paying attention and only saw the back of his head and didn't really believe it was him. Then we're sitting at our seats around the homeplate area and down walks Dave Hollins to sit and scout the game. We didn't say anything to him at that time because he was talking to the other scouts and getting ready for the game. After the game we're at our car ready to leave and Dave Hollins walks right by us, so I say, "Hey Dave". He says, "What's up?" and we proceed to have a short conversation about the game and what he's doing from there. We also got our picture taken with him, which will be posted sometime today or tomorrow on the blog. By the way, he's a scout for the Baltimore Orioles.

Bob D said...

Rumors hyave the Phils linked to Trevor Hoffman who was put on waivers by Milwakee. 27 save and an ERA under 2

GM-Carson said...

If the Phillies get Trevor Hoffman I will go ape shit!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

i think the chasing bruntlett campaign motivated the guy though. He's on fire (by his shitty standards) of late.

GM-Carson said...

I just realized Corey has Durbin still on the DL. He's been active for a week or so now.

SirAlden said...

Active Bullpen Roster:


Active Bench Roster:


Dr. Steve said...

Why was Trevor Hoffman put on waivers?

GM-Carson said...

The waivers these players like Trevor Hoffman and Billy Wagner are being put on are special waivers. These waivers aren't like the ones that Chris Coste was put on.

The waivers that Hoffman was put on, are the kind that if he clears he can be traded to any team. If he does not clear, the claiming team can try to trade for him. If a trade is not worked out, he stays with the team he's already with. Very confusing I know.

bronxbomber said...

shit, as soon as I mention Raul, he goes and gets a triple against the Braves. Nevermind my earlier post. Raul is back.

GM-Carson said...

Go ahead and talk shit about Raul if that means he'll do better. That's what Corey does with Howard.