Monday, August 10, 2009

WSBGM's Power Rankings

Time to break out a new feature. Joining the illustrious ranks of Thirsty Thursday, the Saturday Poll, Phlashback Phriday and other intermittently accomplished posts is...The Power Rankings.

We won't be ranking teams like the other Power Ranking rankers do. Instead, we will be ranking the individual players on the team in three categories: position players, starters and relievers.

The criteria are simple. The rankings will be based on who we have the most confidence in at the time of the rankings. Overall talent and past performances will bias the rankings slightly, but the goal is to provide a snapshot of who's excelling currently and who is playing like Eric Bruntlett. So, without further adieu, the very first WSBGM's Power Rankings.

Position Players:
1. Raul Ibanez - In a homer drought, though.
2. Jimmy Rollins - Lots of hits and homers recently.
3. Jayson Werth - Here by default.
4. Shane Victorino - A little banged up drops him a spot or two.
5. Chase Utley - Slumping right now.
6. Pedro Feliz - Nothing spectacular.
7. Ben Francisco - Great addition to Lee trade.
8. Ryan Howard - As Charles Barkley would say, "Trr-able."
9. Greg Dobbs - Nice sideburns.
10. Carlos Ruiz - Only hits in World Series.
11. Matt Stairs - Moon shots are falling short.
12. Paul Bako - Nothing positive to say.
13. a phonebook - more likely to get on base than...
14. Eric Bruntlett - Gag.

1. Cliff Lee - Should continue domination.
2. JA Happ - Bullpen, schmullpen.
3. Joe Blanton - Heavy B coming up big.
4. Cole Hamels - Yup. 4th.
5. Pedro Martinez - That's how much I don't trust...
6. Jamie Moyer - Sorry.

1. Ryan Madson - Solid.
2. Chan Ho Park - Rough game Saturday hasn't shaken our confidence.
3. Scott Eyre - Great ERA. Too situational to be higher.
4. Brad Lidge - Still no confidence.
5. Tyler Walker - Sure. Whatever.
6. Rodrigo Lopez - Ehh.
7. Kyle Kendrick - Meh.
DL'd - Romero, Durbin, Condrey, Myers.



GM-Carson said...

Swept by the Marlins, ugh. This team can't ever make anything easy. Gotta keep the enemies close to help sell tickets in September I suppose.

GM-Carson said...

From Charlie- "Today's game got me a little bit. I'll be very honest with you. Today's game, how we played, things that happened in the game, how we went about it and things. It was not about how we played yesterday or nothing like that, and not because we lost three games in a row. I was upset kind of with how he played today. I felt like we lost our composure and we did some things that we usually don't do, and we didn't play like we usually play. We're not the team that you saw on the field today. I think that we definitely can be much better than that. We are better than that."

Bob D said...

Dobbs has raised his average greatly recently like Rollins has been doing. And are you sure the phone book is the only one above Bruntlet ? what about the bat boy?

Things dont look too good for the Tuesday with Harden facing them: 0.90 ERA and 22K's in 20 innings against the Phils

GM-Carson said...

I hate that I have no good feelings towards this team right now. They completely wrecked all good faith I had in them by playing crappy baseball over the past week+.

Spencer said...

Question of the day - who would you rather have Eric Bruntlett or Steve Jeltz?

Spencer -

bronxbomber said...

I would agree with most of your rankings, but a few changes are needed;

First, I think Utley needs to be bumped up a bit. In fact, I would swap Utley and Werth. Utley may be in a bit of a slump right now, but his batting avg is still 30 points higher than Werth. They both have 23 HR's, and Utley is still money in the field.

Next, drop Chan Ho Park down a few notches. This guy is a complete joke. He's given up 77 hits in 71 innings, and he's boasting a 4.92 ERA. And he needs to shave his beard.

Last but not least, put a little confidence into Pedro. Pedro will earn your respect. He may be getting older, but he's still Pedro. Viva el Pedro!

GM-Carson said...

I'd rather have Jeltz of course.

Chan Ho Park in relief: 2-1, 27 gm, 38 ip, 42 k, 2.84 ERA, 1.21 WHIP. Not his fault Charlie plugged him into the 5th spot in the rotation to start the year.

Corey said...

Spencer - Jeltz wins that vote in a landslide.

bronxbomber - utley may deserve the spot over werth, but not b/c of batting average. this is a ranking of who's hot or not right now, not who's has played better all year.

same for park. before saturday he had 7 straight appearances without giving up a run. his bullpen stats are far better than his starting numbers. i'm still undecided on the beard.

Bob D said...

Jeltz over Bruntlet unless its for target practice at the paintball range.

Jay Ballz said...

Jeltz, Kim Battiste, Tomas Perez...I'll take any of them over Bruntlett right now.

GM-Carson said...

When asked if he'd accept a deal to the Phillies, Nomar Garciaparra said "Sure, why not?" according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle The Phillies are looking for a right-handed bench bat and they had interest in Garciaparra in the offseason. The 36-year-old is hitting .265/.300/.372 and his base salary is just $1MM.

Also, Melvin Mora has cleared waivers, and I'd rather have him than Brunt for the rest of the season if the O's took most of Mora's contract.

Andrew said...

would Mora accept a bench position? I feel like he's the kind of guy who would be all grumpy about not being a starter. I would definitely prefer Nomar. He's fragile, but he's solid when he's playing.

GM-Carson said...

At this point I'd take a dead mule over Bruntlett.

bronxbomber said...

I'd take Werth's mother over Brunt-tastic.

Got it....I see how the rankings work now. Guess you're right about Chan Ho Park.

NhbAction said...

Not as good as Penguin Blood

GM-Carson said...

Pedro to start on Wednesday, Moyer to bullpen.

- Tuesday vs. Cubs: LHP J.A. Happ
- Wednesday vs. Cubs: RHP Pedro Martinez
- Thursday vs. Cubs: LHP Cliff Lee
- Friday vs. Braves: RHP Joe Blanton
- Saturday vs. Braves: LHP Cole Hamels

GM-Carson said...

Also, Durbin activated from DL. Rodrigo Lopez sent to AAA.

And what the hell is Penguin Blood?!

SirAlden said...

Ryan Howard has been seeing and hitting the ball hard, and Ryan Madson is not solid at all.

Fantastic way to look at the team.


Top to bottom aside from Chan Ho.


SirAlden said...


The problem with Bruntlet is he is the ONLY GUY who can play Shortstop, and not give up runs.

Those days are long gone for Steroid User Garciapara whose achilles heel tendon snapped because of it, and never were there for Mora.

I remember seeing NoMar go 6 for 6 in the Vet against Wolf, with Thome Homering opposite field, and Todd Pratt hitting a Walk Off
Homer in the 10th.

The South Philly Girls would sure lover NoMar, boy oh boy! Pat's and Gino's.

SirAlden said...


Anonymous said...

SirAlden, the problem is consistency. This team could have put the race behind them long ago but since they can't pull the trigger when they need to, they give other teams another day to live. And Reuben, if you're reading this. Please call Kevin Jordan to see what he's up to. He can't be any worse than Bruntlett.

GM-Carson said...

Rube obviously reads this blog, I mean duh.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea.