Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Win, Special Howard & Ugly Jerseys

Big Joe Blanton with another quality start, dropping his ERA below 4 (3.88). It was his 7th quality start in a row, and 9th straight start in which he allowed 3 or less runs. Ryan Madson came into the game in the 8th and picked up the "W", while Brad Lidge picked up a shaky save to close out the game in the 9th. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard supplied the runs, and the Phils went to 17 games above .500 (65-48).

*Brad Lidge needs to do a better job holding runners. It seems that Cecil Fielder could steal 2nd base off of him. Of course, this wouldn't be such a concern if he didn't allow so many runners to reach base.

*Raul Ibanez looks spent. He cannot catch up with fastballs and his numbers are in a steady decline. He has not been the same since returning from the DL.

*Jimmy Rollins saw a total of 7 pitches in 4 at bats last night (only 3 official ab because of a sacrifice bunt).

*Shane Victorino is well on his way to a 2nd Gold Glove.


Special Edition of The Howard:
Baltimore Orioles light-hitting outfielder Felix Pie accomplished the rarest type of "The Howard" last night as he hit for the cycle while doing so. Since outfielders don't make many errors, it's difficult for them to commit Howards, but Pie pulled it off with pizazz. Coming into the game Felix had only 2 homeruns and no errors on the season. In fact, it was the first error and only the 6th homerun of his career. Congratulations!

What the hell is up with the Mets jerseys they were wearing last night? Those are uglier than the Padres camouflage, Houston's rainbow, or Pirates solid yellow ones. Just another f-up by the New York Mets organization. Guess they're used to that by now.



Joshua Lattanzi said...

The Mets' jerseys are among the worst of the 'throwup' jerseys ever. And that includes the entire 1994 NFL season.

I was fuming as soon as Rollins was squaring around to bunt. I don't know what Charlie was thinking in that regard.

GM-Carson said...

If Cole starts pitching like crap, I'm out. I can't stand to watch another one of his horrible performances.

Aaron said...

Nice to hear the Phillies announcers finally mention on the air that Cole Hamels needs a 3rd pitch.

He throws a fastball or changeup 90% of the time........i think the league has finally figured that out.

Brad Lidge SUCKS!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Cole is a little sulking girl. Go cry in the corner.

Aaron said...

Brett Myers hit his face on a car door last night and will not make his start????

What a freakin idiot. Probably not a good idea to get bombed before your first rehab start Brett.

Cole Hamels sucks. He's a little girl. Did you really think you could go your whole career with 2 pitches???

GM-Carson said...

At first Brett told the Phillies he hurt his eye playing toss with his 4 year old son, so who really knows what the truth is.

Aaron said...

Yet another man left on 3rd with less than two this case with NO OUTS.

How hard is it to hit a sac fly????

This team is infuriating how the hell are they in first place?

Sil Campusano Sucks

Aaron said...

And yet another man left on 3rd with less than 2 outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

1 out
2 hits
2 walks
2 hits
2 walks
2 errors
2 runs
1 blown save
1 loss

phils 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position.

Lidge can't be our closer anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's fing august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's not getting any better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack said...

Enough is enough. Lidge needs to lose his job.

The headline re: last night's game - "Escaping Jam Gives Lidge Confidence" - just shows how low the expectations have become for Lidge.

GM-Carson said...

I've come to accept Charlie Manuel and his speech impediment, but if I have to listen to him stumble over saying, "He's my closer", one more time about Lidge, I'm going ballistic!

That game was the worst one I've seen in a while. 3-4 runners stranded on 3rd with less than two out. Utley's missed play in the 9th, Lidge's 2 error play...f'n horrible!

ACSmitty79 said...

I think Brett's wife beat his ass this time.

Dr. Steve said...

If Pedro can throw over 100, can't we move HIM to the bullpen?