Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Place For Pedro

Last night on the MLB network, the topic that dominated their Phillies talk was, "Who should leave the rotation to give Pedro a few starts." Surprisingly, the consensus answer was JA Happ.


If they want to sit somebody for a few starts to see what Pedro can do, it should be Jamie Moyer. I don't want to hear how he's turned things around and that he pitched so much better in July. He did have three very good starts in July, but in between each start he got lit up. In his last six games, he has an ERA around 5.00 despite giving up only 1 earned run in three of those game. Is a chance to win every other start the best we can hope to get from Moyer? Granted, it's better than his early season performance when he couldn't leave a game before giving up four runs, but it's not good enough.

In a season in which he has started at least 20 games, this is the highest ERA, WHIP and BAA that Moyer has posted since his first full season in the majors back in 1987. He's old. He's done.

If I'm the GM, I ask Moyer if he plans on pitching next year. If he says he is, I shut him down right now to avoid having some of his performance participation clauses kick in. I would not risk having to pay this guy $10 million to float an ERA around 6 for a contending team.

Moyer has done great things for the Phils since he came here in 2006. He was on the mound the day they clinched their last two NL East titles. But nostalgia doesn't win baseball games in October. It's time for a change.



GM-Carson said...

Nostalgia doesn't win games during the regular season either. Like I said yesterday, I love and respect Moyer, but it's time for him to retire. Heading into this season we were all afraid this may become the case with him. And thanks to a retarded 2 year deal, we're likely to suffer through it until the deal expires.

Putting Happ in the bullpen would indicate to me the Phils are more interested in codling egos than wanting to win. Happ has been great this season and should remain in the rotation, no questions asked.

By the way, good thing the Phils had an awesome July because August is sucking. They better watch out for those pesky Marlins. Just win some f'n games!

GM-Carson said...

I keep trying to convince myself that Amaro is too smart to send Happ back to the bullpen in favor of Moyer/Pedro, but convincing is not happening.

Amaro maintains that Pedro was signed to be a starter and Manuel/Dubee insist Moyer is not meant for relief. Read between the lines and you see Happ in the pen, which is completely retarded.

GM-Carson said...

Jamie Moyer should never pitch at home.

Home 7.16 ERA, 1.62 WHIP
Away 3.88 ERA, 1.31 WHIP

Home 4.61 ERA, 1.47 WHIP
Away 2.92 ERA, 1.20 WHIP

Lake Fred said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your posting. Sit him down. Cut your losses both monetarily and standingswise.

Aaron said...

The managers job is to put the players on the field who give them the best chance to win.....and that does not include Moyer anymore.
The Phils will send Happ to the pen and keep Moyer in the rotation and they know full well that they are not making the right move . They will make the decision with their hearts instead of their heads.

Aaron said...

a Big shout out to the NATS for last nights comeback against the Fish.

ACSmitty79 said...

I didn't want Moyer resigned in the first place, but i agree his spot in the rotation needs to be given to someone else. Kinda odd to to that to the team wins leader though.

GM-Carson said...

I just pray Happ goes 7+ tonight with 3 or fewer runs making their decision that much more difficult.

Dr. Steve said...

I do not understand why they'd want to demote Happ.

It's like people analyzing the Phillies don't look at the numbers. Fact is, before Lee, Happ was our number one starter. It doesn't go Lee/Hamels/Blanton, it goes Lee/Happ/Blanton.

Why would you get rid of Happ?! The whole argument by sensible people during the Halliday trade talks was you don't trade your #1 pitcher for a new #1. Same thing goes here. Don't bring in Pedro to replace Happ.

SirAlden said...

I absolutely agree with you.

Jamie Moyer should have been signed for 1 year. Beer Goggles and WS got him 2 years.

I hope that Happ does well tonight too, and that Jamie Moyer never pitches a game at CBP again.

If you look at each start, if the Umpire gives him the Greg Maddox respect inside and outside corner expansion, Jamie will Win the game.

If not it's trouble.

If the lead stabilizes it would be great to keep Lee on a strict rotation, while letting the rest of the staff, rest and rotate, maybe allowing Moyer to pitch on the road, and Hamels to be rested, and Happ and Pedro to keep their innings low.

A mix and match could be great. But most likely will never happen.

GM-Carson said...

It's extremely sad that a pitcher must rely on an umpire essentially bending the rules.

Dr. Steve said...

Watching these Mets injuries, while some look very painful to us men, does cheer me up.

Dr. Steve said...

If they really demote Happ, I'll be shocked and pissed. The Phillies made this amazing Lee trade, showing how smart they are.

Demoting Happ takes all that away and more.

Bob D said...

Moyer had a good game every other time, but none of them were that great. They even had alot of baserunners but had some key defense and good hitting to back him. Happ has been solid.
When Martinez is activated that also meanssomeone gets sent down too, a reliever likely Walker, Lopez, or whoever else is the other one floating between AAA and the Phillies.

I agree Happ should start and Moyer relieve. At least for now. Amaro and Co will also be looking to see who will be on the post season roster and those players have to be on the active roster by Aug 31. With Condrey, Myers, Romero, Durbin all on the DL then there will a few who will lose out here shortly.

Dr. Steve said...

Shutout through 8 so far. Yeah, let's put him in the bullpen.

Fuck you Phillies.

Dr. Steve said...

Well, Happ pitches a 4-hit Complete Game Shutout. So how long until they demote him for Pedro because they're COMPLETE FUCKING MORONS?

GM-Carson said...

Pedro 6 ip, 4 r, 3 er, 11 k in Reading tonight.

Happ 9 ip, 0 r, 10 k in Philly tonight.

If they take him out of the rotation I'm changing this site's name to We Should Be Mets Fans.

Don't be stupid.

Dr. Steve said...

Is Pedro even better than Moyer?

Bob D said...

Happ just gave his response to the rumors to send hi to the pen.

9Innings complete game, 4 hits 2 walks, 10 K's !!!!!!!!

And yes I believe Pedro is atleast a bit better than Moyer with a better upside

GM-Carson said...

There's roughly 4-5 million reasons to pull Moyer from the rotation in favor of Pedro. Those reasons being incentives that will start kicking in shortly that will keep boosting Moyer's 2010 salary. Why 2 years again?

Dr. Steve said...

Bottalico said that Pedro pitched well enough to come to Philly. I mean, I like the strikes, but only six innings, and FOUR runs?! Against Triple-A talent, who are probably worse than Double A?

Unless he was just working on pitches, it really hurts my confidence in him. But, pull Moyer if you make any changes. Happ is easily the 2nd best pitcher on the team. Blanton is 3rd best, but he's still really good.

The gap between Blanton and Hamels/Moyer is huge. You can't get rid of Happ. That much is true.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is moyer getting a break because of his age... Last year we had no problem sending down Brett myers when he put up similar numbers. I know the circumstances are a little different but clearly everyone knows what needs to be done. Moyer has been way too inconsistent this year and we've given him until august to figure it out. Clearly Happ stays in the rotation and pedro takes moyer's spot. I would even take lopez over jamie right now. As much as I respect jamie and what he's down for the WFC. It's time for him to go.

And how is bruntlett still on this team?????

Rich Baxter said...

If Happ goes anywhere but stays in the Phils rotation, the fans will boo Ruben out of town!

ACSmitty79 said...

After tonight, Happ's not leaving the rotation. They'll just have to have the tough convo with Moyer--if they feel they MUST bring up Pedro.

Aaron said...

Moyer becomes the long relief man. Give Pedro a couple starts if he sucks Moyer is back in there.


Also if i'm jaime Moyer right now i go to management and volunteer to go to the pen.

GM-Carson said...

I say put Pedro's ass in the bullpen. Let him go maximum effort for 1-2 innings every few days and see what the results are. Worked with Chan Ho Park.

BloodStripes said...

Bless up for JAH wins again.