Friday, August 21, 2009

Phlashback Phriday- August 21, 2001

The 2000's have been good to Phillies fans. The year 2001 was the start of the turnaround from dismal organization to perennial contenders. Larry Bowa took the throne of manager that year, and won NL Manager of the Year by guiding the Phils to a 86-76 record. On this day the Astros were in Philly and took the game 8-2 from the Phightins.

1. Jimmy Rollins/SS
2. Marlon Anderson/2B
3. Scott Rolen/3B
4. Bobby Abreu/RF
5. Travis Lee/1B
6. Pat Burrell/LF
7. Doug Glanville/CF
8. Johnny Estrada/C
Pitchers- Nelson Figueroa (starter), Jose Santiago, Cliff Politte, and Eddie Oropesa.

Game Notes:
*Bobby Abreu collected his 35th double, 32nd stolen base, and 89th rbi on the way to his first 30/30 season (also did it in 2004).

*Look at 2nd and 1st base and you'll be damn glad those duds no longer man the right side of the infield.

*The attendance was only 20,647 at the Vet. Don't know if Citizens Bank Park has ever had a crowd that sparse.

Heading to NY:
Taking anything less than 3 out of 4 from this depleted Mets club would be a disgrace. They won't have Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, or David Wright in the lineup. Johan Santana pitched last night, so they'll dodge that bullet. Instead they get Mike Pelfrey, Tim Redding, Oliver Perez, and recently turned starter Bobby Parnell. The Phils are one of the hottest teams in baseball, and are 20 games above .500 (69-49) for the first time all year. With the Braves and Marlins beating up on each other this weekend, it's time to pad the 6.5 game NL East cushion. (T-Shirt courtesy of Philly Phaithful)



GM-Carson said...

The Phillies have had 3 straight games in which a pitcher has had 2 hits (Moyer on Tuesday, Lee on Wednesday, and Blanton last night).

Andrew said...

sounds like a record waiting to happen... someone notify Jayson Stark!

GM-Carson said...

Stark still needs to pick up on "The Howard".

Corey said...

bored? want to read something completely stupid? this guy argues that since jeter is having is better year than rollins, people were wrong to say that rollins should have been playing over jeter in the WBC. don't skip the comments at the end of the article too, they are priceless.

SirAlden said...

"Blogger GM-Carson said...

Cole would probably prefer the kick in his ass as opposed to his vagina. "


SirAlden said...

You don't even have Cole Hamels on your WSBGM's Fantasy Baseball team.

I don't talk like that.

SirAlden said...

So you Pitch your Team to a World Series MVP.

You pitch 262.2 Innings in 2008,
after pitching 190 Innings in 2007,
(72.2 Innings more than the year before, and 130 innings more than 2006).

Your arm is not in perfect shape,
and you get comments like that from well respected Bloggers like GM Carson?

Go look in the Mirror, open your mouth Carson, to see some serious Vagina.

Bitch Slap Baby.

SirAlden said...

I love you man.

GM-Carson said...

I just wish Cole would consistently live up to the hype and now the contract.

GM-Carson said...

From The Zo Zone:
Phillies pitchers did not walk one batter in the three-game series against the Diamondbacks. They got six hits. When is the last time that happened?

Corey said...

"open your mouth Carson, to see some serious Vagina"

the "GM" does stand for "'Gina Mouth"

Dr. Steve said...

Get Wagner now

GM-Carson said...

From a live chat with Jayson Stark at 1 this afternoon:

GM-Carson (Harrisburg, PA)
I did a Wikipedia search, and now understand the Jerome Holtzman reference.

Jayson Stark
Thanks. I meant to explain that and never got back to it. The great Jerome Holtzman, my friend and one of my sportswriting idols, is the man who invented the modern save rule. He just passed away last year, and I'd love to see him honored with this award -- if it ever happens.

Corey said...

an online conversation with jayson stark, ehh. remember, if it lasts longer than four hours, call your doctor.

bronxbomber said...

shit! Marlon Anderson. What the hell happened to him anyway? Is he still alive?

Aaron said...

I am looking very much forward to pouring salt into the gapping wounds of the New York Mutts.
I love that their whole team is injured, I love that they suck. I love Mets misery........muuuuhahahahahah!!!

Jose Santiago Sucks.

Aaron said...

If the Phillies only played 500 baseball the rest of the year the Braves or Marlins would have to go 29-18 just to tie them for the division lead.

Bob D said...

They are 30-12 since they faced the Mets last.

Paul Bako has 11 hits. Hamels with 6, Moyer and Lee with 5, Blanton and Myers with 4, Happ with 3. Will any of them or all of them pass Bruntlet?

128 average, 196 OBP, 198 slugging? come on!

GM-Carson said...

Hate to say it, but Cole Hamels sucks this year. He's an overly emotional wuss on the mound at times and can't get the job done. He was superb in '08, but this ain't '08.

Aaron said...

Hamels is a pussy.

Aaron said...

Seriously i would jizz in my pants if the Phillies could just once execute a Sacrifice Fly.


GM-Carson said...

When's the last time this team got a f'n hit with the bases loaded?

Aaron said...

I can't believe they are gonna lose to the God Damn Mets tonight.

GM-Carson said...

I feel a very bad series coming on. Tim "Cy" Redding slays the Phils and so does Ollie Perez. This could be a very shitty weekend.

Aaron said...

So the headline on was "phils won't take mets lightly"

Firts batter of the game jimmy rollins hits a slow roller to second and jogs down to first base like someone threatened to kill his mom if he gets to first base in under a minute.
That's all you need to know about tonight.

Dr. Steve said...

I had no faith in this game going into the series.

But the other three, I feel more confident in. Basically, it's Cole Hamels that scares me. But The Mets always annoy me anyway. But yeah, don't worry.

But we could always bring Moyer back in, and put Hamels in as our closer.

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