Friday, August 14, 2009

Phlashback Phriday - August 14, 1999

Location: Cinergy Field
Attendance: 25,214
Time of Game: 2:39

Phils Lineup:
1. D Glanville CF   
2. R Ducey LF
K Sefcik PH-LF
3. B Abreu RF
4. K Jordan 3B
5. R Brogna 1B
6. M Lieberthal C
7. M Anderson 2B
8. A Arias SS
S Schrenk P
J Poole P
A Telemaco P
B Brewer P
9.C Ogea P
A Shumaker P
D Cedeno PH-SS
Winning Pitcher: Pete Harnisch
Losing Pitcher: Chad Ogea
Save: Danny Graves

Game Notes:
- Despite at stacked lineup featuring powerful sluggers Rob Ducey and Alex Arias, the Phils still only managed 4 hits. Doug Glanville had two of them.

- Chad Ogea gave up 12 hits while collecting his 11th loss. He would get three more starts and one more loss before being demoted to the bullpen to finish the season and his career.

- Domingo Cedeno and Anthony Shumaker played in the same game for the Phils. That couldn't have happened much. Cedeno made 32 appearances for the Fightins while Shumaker made only 8.

- The Reds ended the day 22 games over .500 under manager Jack McKeon. They finished 96-67, losing the Wild Card by only one game to the Mets. The Phillies missed the playoffs by a few more games...



Bob D said...

Blanton goes tonight interesting stats though when we talk about who the ace of the staff is:

Blanton 7-6, 4.02 ERA 111K/35BB in 132 In. in 21 starts
Hamels 7-7, 4.77 ERA 111K/27BB in 128.1 In. in 22 starts

Looks as if Blanton is really the 2nd best starter behind Lee, unless you want to compare Happ's 15 starts. That put Hamel's stats as either the 3rd or 4th starter so far this year.

Jordan played 3rd base? I dont remember that. I thought he was a 1st baseman.

GM-Carson said...

Hard to believe that with a 96-67 record the Reds weren't in the postseason. That's robbery.

I hated Rob Ducey!

Joshua Lattanzi said...

Chad Ogea was thought to be a push over the hump type pitcher along with Andy Ashby that year. Ogea had 'experience' doncha know?

GM-Carson said...

Yep, experience in sucking.

GM-Carson said...

Pitching Matchups:
Fri (7:30)- Blanton (7-6, 4.02 ERA, 1.30 WHIP) vs. Jurrjens (9-8, 3.01, 1.28).
Sat (4:00)- Hamels (7-7, 4.77, 1.33) vs. Kawakami (5-9, 4.12, 1.36).
Sun (8:00)- Happ (8-2, 2.75, 1.16) vs. Vazquez (10-7, 2.90, 1.04).

Tough series, with a lot at stake.

SirAlden said...

GO RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SirAlden said...

You just passed Dick Allen the Greatest Hitter the Phillies Ever
Had Ryan. Good Job the last two days.

SirAlden said...

Brad Lidge warming up in the Bullpen.

"Danger! Danger!!! Will Robinson!"

Aaron said...

YOU SUCK LIDGE !!!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


HE CANNOT BE OUR CLOSER .......HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

Rob Ducey SUCKS!!!!

SirAlden said...

Shane Victorino

MVP MVP MVP MVP Catches!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Madson threw only 6 pitches in the 8th. Why couldn't he go back out for the 9th? Lidge gives me heartburn.