Sunday, August 02, 2009

Out Aced

Joe Blanton pitched like an ace last night, surrendering only 2 runs over 7 innings while continuing to drop his ERA with every outing. His ERA on May 21st was 7.11, and with each subsequent start thereafter (except a minor blip on June 18th) he's consistently lowered it, to the point where it's a very respectable 4.02. However, last night he was out aced by 2008 NL Cy Young and currently vying for the 2009 title as well, Tim Lincecum, who didn't allow a run over 8 frames. Giants win 2-0. Great performance by both hurlers.

New Look:
A quick gaze over at our state buddies in Western PA, the Pirates, and you may hardly notice them. Since the beginning of the season they've traded away Adam LaRoche, Nat McLouth, Nyjer Morgan, John Grabow, Tom Gorzelanny, Jack Wilson, and Freddy Sanchez. New faces include Ronny Cedeno, Delwyn Young, Lastings Milledge, Garrett Jones, and the rookie that went deep 3 times last night Andrew McCutchen. Oh, Pittsburgh!

*Matt Stairs had only 1 hit in the month of July, and is 1 for his last 20 at bats. (T-Shirt courtesy of The Fightins & Birdland)

*Laidback lefties square off today with Cole Hamels versus Barry Zito. Phils need to take this game and split the series.

*Phillies (59-43) have a 6 game lead in the NL East over the Marlins, and the 2nd best record and run differential (+76) in the NL (trailing the Dodgers).



ACSmitty79 said...

Like i said a couple days ago...i hope this isn't another one of our team wide batting slumps. Yeah it was Lincicum, but it was our 2nd SO this week and 4th straight game with 2 run or less.

ACSmitty79 said...

Correction: 3/4 with 2 runs or less, not 4th straight.

GM-Carson said...

Offense needs to come to life, that's for sure. Missing Victorino at the top of the order.

Aaron said...

Maybe Cliff can teach Cole how to throw a Curveball.

GM-Carson said...

WTF?! Bruntlett starting today. This is exactly why he shouldn't be on the team, then Chuck wouldn't even be tempted to use him.

Bako and Brunt have no business still being in the majors, yet here they both are on the defending WFC Phils roster.

GM-Carson said...

Instead of Campaign Cheer this year, I want to start a campaign to get rid of Bruntlett.

Corey said...

bruntlett just doubled to left then scored on a cooch single.

i'm glad charlie played him today. maybe he just needs some more playing time...

Aaron said...

Jesus F'ing Christ Cole.

I think the league has finally figured out that Cole Hamels only throws two pitches. A Great change up and mediocre fastball. Time to learn a new pitch Cole. And no his curveball doesn't count because it sucks and he throws it like 3 times per game and it's always a ball.

Cole and Lidge need to get there shit straight now! or this team is going nowhere.

Dr. Steve said...

Cole is just dead tired.

ACSmitty79 said...

From what, the off-season chicken circuit?

GM-Carson said...

Cole has been an utter disappointment this year.

Screw Eric Bruntlett.