Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keystone Cup

The Keystone Cup could be clinched tonight with a Phillies victory. Having swept the Pirates earlier this season back in July, the Phils need only one more win to tip the season series scale in their favor. The Keystone Cup was a WSBGM's creation back in our inaugural season of 2006, and it is awarded to the best MLB team in Pennsylvania according to head-to-head record.

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tonight- Joe Blanton (8-6, 3.86) vs. Ross Ohlendorf (11-8, 4.15), both pitchers have been on a roll.
Wednesday- Cole Hamels (7-8, 4.78) vs. Paul Maholm (7-7, 4.74), both lefties started the season with lofty expectations, but have greatly disappointed.
Thursday- JA Happ (10-2, 2.59) vs. Charlie Morton (3-6, 5.21), Happ looks to further his NL ROY credentials, while Morton looks to not embarrass himself. I am making my first trek to PNC park for this game, and can't wait to take in the stadium's beauty while basking in a Phils win, which is hopefully for the series sweep.



Brad said...

Have fun at PNC. Great park. Go Bucs!

GM-Carson said...

What the hell has gotten into Eric Bruntlett. Had 11 hits entering Sunday's game, and has 5 in the past 3 games.

This ump tonight sucked. He called pitches high all night until the bottom of the 6th. No wonder Blanton was livid.

GM-Carson said...

Brad Lidge sucks. Seriously, that's not opinion, that's fact. Charlie Manuel is stupid for continuing to trot him out in save opportunities. Complete bullshit!

Dr. Steve said...

I don't care what any of you say. I don't care how bad he is for the clubhouse.

Keep the guy in a freezer. Bring him out in the 9th. Put him back in.

And, I am referring to Billy Wagner. We need someone. And now. We just lost to the fucking Pirates. Brad Lidge is done. I don't want to see him throw another pitch this year.

Get Wagner. Tonight.

Dr. Steve said...

Oh great, he went to Boston. Fuck. We're fucking screwed. See you next year.

GM-Carson said...

Wagner is a Boston Red Sox as of today, and there's zero chance the Phils can get him.

Charlie needs to try Madson or Chan Ho as closer, no more Lidge. I'm freaking seething with anger right now. It's been a long damn time since I've felt this pissed about a baseball game.

Bob D said...

great this will be the topic for tommorow. Just when he has a few good games in a row he throws out a clunker.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

Such a rotten ending. My wife was so pissed off, she just screamed out 'Fuck You Lidge' and 'Fuck You Charlies' and just stormed out of the room. I am more mellow about it, but seething very heavily.

It is time for Lidge to either get a phanton DL trip, or for Madson/Park/Myers to close. Fed up with 9 blown saves, and 4 for 11 in one-run opportunities. Only use Lidge for 2+ run leads and someone else for one-run games.

Lidge - Vaffanculo

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