Friday, August 28, 2009

Dave Hollins

Dave Hollins. Dave "Head" Hollins. Dave "I played 3rd base for the '93 Phils" Hollins. Yep, that's me and that same Dave Hollins in the photo above. My buddy was a bit amped up meeting him after the game at PNC Park, so he was shaking a bit, hence the blur. It was my first time at PNC, and it's a beautiful stadium. However, watching the Phillies lose, thus lose the series as well kinda stunk. But getting to talk with a Macho Row legend made the night and the 450 mile round trip worth it. He's a scout for the Baltimore Orioles now. Here's our Phlashback Phriday of Mr. Hollins from March of 2008. By the way I ate one of those Primanti Brothers sandwiches with the french fries on it, "the Pittsburgher", and it was damn good...Wheels is a pussy for saying it's "too heavy".

Huge 3 game set with the Braves in Philly starting tonight. I'm not even bothering with the pitching match-ups. It's time to sack-up and take care of business.



GM-Carson said...

It's nice to see have a few good inches on Hollins. Made me feel big.

Zeeshan Sangani said...

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Jeremy said...

After watching Bruntlett this year anybody else regret letting Jenkins go? Is it just me or is Pedro one of the biggest rally killers around? I've not researched the numbers but I would guess in the last two years he would be in the top ten in the NL in GIDP's.

Jeremy said...

According to Pedro hit into 14 GIDP's in 08 and 7 so far this year. It just seems like they come at the worst times.

GM-Carson said...

Pedro Feliz has been horrible for the past month of so. He and Raul both.

I feel bad for Pedro. Yet another rain delay game he started. Is this going to be another Jamie Moyer special?

Jimmy O'D said...

Being the Mets fan that he is I believe Scotty sabotaged the Dave "Head" Hollins photo over his jealously of the '93 team.

Aaron said...

Eyre should pitch to larouche.
but he won't cause Cholly sucks.

he will go yard and the phillies will lose. Cause madson is still mental from his latest 9th inning meltdown.

Aaron said...

ok i could be wrong ....but i guarantee lidge blows it in the 9th.

Aaron said...

Dave Hollins has a giant head.

Aaron said...

Well I'll be damned.....lidge got a save.

Gotta give it to old man river Moyer tonight. I think his demotion has lit a fire under his ass.

Good win tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Madson was shaky and Lidge looked solid. Moyer with another fantastic long relief outing. Decent game, awesome to get another win.

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