Tuesday, August 18, 2009

D-Backs in Town

Arizona Diamondbacks (54-65) @ Philadelphia Phillies (66-49)

D'backs- .255/.755, 4.52 runs per game
Phils- .257/.781, 5.23 runs per game

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tue- John Garland (6-10, 4.28) vs. Pedro Martinez (1-0, 5.40)
Wed- Dan Haren (12-7, 2.50) vs. Cliff Lee (3-0, 1.13 w/Phils)
Thur- Doug Davis (7-10, 3.59) vs. Joe Blanton (7-6, 3.88)

Atlanta heads to New York with a 3 game set with the Mets, while the Marlins are in Houston for 3.

Draft Signings:
By now you probably heard that the devil Scott Boras struck a deal for Steven Strasburg with the Nationals right before the midnight deadline last night. What didn't get nearly as much hype, if any at all, was the fact that the Phillies signed 7th round pick Brody Colvin, meaning they agreed to terms with their first 10 picks.



Dr. Steve said...

Are the Phillies in talks with Billy Wagner or not

Dr. Steve said...

Also, I think the time for quibbling over money for the Phillies is over. Whatever the cost, if the player deserves it (or it's a trade), they get it.

Andrew said...

very funny

I still say Smoltz

GM-Carson said...

Smoltz is done- my opinion.

I hate Wagner, couldn't seem him being a good clubhouse fit.

Justin said...

I hate that his name is even being tossed around. How would he ever assimilate with this team? It'd be like trying to use a fork as the last piece of a puzzle.

A fork with an attitude.

Andrew said...

the guy badmouthed the Phillies, many of which are still on the roster. He's not coming back.

I'm not rooting for the Nats, by any means, but Smoltz would definitely be a good fit there now as the old guy mentor situation for Strasburg and others (see: Jamie Moyer on Hamels)

Andrew said...

we'd sooner see Joe Table again, than Billy Wagner

Dr. Steve said...

We need someone. Or more than one someone.

GM-Carson said...

I'm all for a 1-day contract for Jose Mesa on the last day of the season if the Phils have the division clinched by then.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather not have Jose Mesa for a one day contract. He'd still find a way to blow a save.