Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chasing Bruntlett

Carson noted in the comment section today that since joining the Phillies a few days ago, Cliff Lee has almost half as many hits as supersub Eric Bruntlett. Just like Howard chasing the strikeout record or Jamie Moyer trying to match the futility of Adam Eaton, this competition needs it's own randomly updated post. So, introducing...



GM-Carson said...

Unlike Howard striking out and Moyer sucking, I'm actually rooting for Cliff Lee surpass Bruntlett in hits.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

And to think I was going to buy my brother a Bruntlett jersey. He now wants a Lee jersey.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark-
On Moyer: Jamie Moyer's unhappiness with the Phillies over losing his spot in the rotation makes us wonder whether they might look to trade him during the winter to a team looking for a mentor for a young staff. And if they did, says an official of one NL team, there actually might be a market, even though Moyer would pitch at age 47 next season.

"I'd take him," the official says. "I mean, it's not like you'd be running the risk of an arm injury because it's not exactly power stuff. For him, it's about feel. And as long as he shows he's still got that feel for pitching, why not?

"To me, he'd be a great fit for a team like Washington. Get him around Stephen Strasburg and some of those young guys, and they couldn't have a better role model."

We can't forget, though, that Moyer is guaranteed at least $6.5 million next season -- a figure that would grow to at least $8 million if Moyer makes three more starts and works another 30 2/3 innings.

On Lidge: Not that this should scare anybody in Philadelphia. But no team in the history of the modern save rule has won a World Series with a closer whose ERA (7.21), opponent batting average (.299) or WHIP (1.83) was as high as Brad Lidge's is this year.

And now more upbeat news: No team during that time has won a championship with a closer who reached double figures in blown saves, either. And Lidge is on pace to blow 11 saves this year. (Asterisk alert: Jason Isringhausen blew 10 saves for the 2006 Cardinals, but he wasn't closing by the time they reached the World Series.)

So as October draws closer, the Phillies face a critical question: Is Lidge still capable of straightening himself out? And if not, what's the alternative?

"I don't think they're in as much trouble as the Cubs," says one scout, "because at least they've got a lockdown eighth-inning guy in [Ryan] Madson. And Lidge's stuff is still OK. But he's throwing too many sliders. His command is awful. And I think he's still got some aches and pains in his legs he's trying to pitch through."

A rival exec said, "I know they like Madson in that set-up role, and they don't want to change that. But when you get to October, everything's out the window. If you've got to dump Lidge [as the closer], that's what you've got to do. You can't worry about feelings that time of year."

Dr. Steve said...

We need to keep Moyer as a pitching coach. But if he really doesn't want to be a pitching coach yet, pack yer bags.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, so Ryan Howard can hit some deep bombs huh?

Andrew said...

Blanton has 4 hits now on the season. Maybe he should be in the race too!

Amanda said...

Cliff Lee will surpass Brunts.

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