Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bruntlett To The Hall

Eric Bruntlett caught a liner that was hit right at him, stepped on second and tagged a guy who was standing still. Nice play. His reward? The Hall of Fame called and requested a little bit o' Bruntlett in Cooperstown.

Reports say that the Hall asked Bruntlett
for some "memorabilia" and the pinch-hitting ace of the bench obliged by donating his game jersey. But that isn't where this story ends. WSBGM's has learned the hall will be giving Bruntlett his own plaque, too.

Fries: Way Too Heavy For Wheels
In the ninth inning yesterday Wheels and T-Mac start talking about the upcoming series in Pittsburg. During their inane verbal Ambien witty banter T-Mac asked Wheels if he's ever had one of those sandwiches with the french fries on it. Wheels' reply?

"No way. That's too heavy for me."

Chris Wheeler has been broadcasting games for the Phillies since 1977. That makes over thirty trips to Pittsburgh for at least three days at a time and zero Primanti sandwiches. Disgraceful. And the fact that the weight of the sandwich contributes to this tragedy is even more disgraceful.

Wheels. Please. Go get a sandwich. Have Sarge or Frantzke feed it to you if you're worried about being able to lift it.
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Dr. Steve said...

With two day games in a row I heard a lot of Phillies radio baseball.

And they're just miles beyond the broadcasting team. Why are THEY on the radio? Is it because they make it more exciting, and TV has pretty lights to keep you occupied as they drone on?

Put LA and Scott on TV. Now. Broadcast both simultaneously. I dont' care. The three guys on TV suck.

Is the plaque going to mention how Bruntlett's errors allowed for the no out situation?

GM-Carson said...

Larry Andersen is lucky he still has a job with some of the stuff he says on the radio. I love him and too with he were on TV, but I just don't ever see that happening again.

I was thinking what a pussy Wheels was for the "heavy" comment about the fries. I haven't had the sandwich myself, but dammit if I'm at PNC I will.

GM-Carson said...

Things for the Mets continue to get worse and worse. Apparently Johan Santana is having season ending surgery. They also couldn't get rid of resident dickhead Billy Wagner. He invoked his no trade clause to block his way to Boston because they didn't meet all his douchey demands.

GM-Carson said...

For some odd reason, Ryan Howard has been horrible against the Buccos over his career. 27 gm, 13-88 (.147 avg), 12 r, 2 hr, 11 rbi, 40 k, .484 OPS.

Corey said...

that's because he sucks.

bronxbomber said...

Dr. Steve brings up a good point. If it wasn't for Bruntlett's horrible fielding leading up to the triple play, it never would have happened....but 35 years from now when people are standing in Cooperstown, they'll never know that.

Dr. Steve said...

Wagner really didn't want to go to the Red Sox? REALLY? He didn't want to go from the basement of the NL to one of the best teams in the AL?

Guess he wants to go back to his Alpacas faster.

Bob D said...

Wagner's move has little sense, he wont be closer in NY either.

Corey said...

wagner won't be the closer this year, but the mets might not pick up his option, allowing him to sign as a free agent next year for a team that needs a closer. or the mets could pick up his option and trade him to a team that needs a closer. if he was traded to boston, they might pick up his option and make him their 8th inning guy for this and next year. obviously billy doesn't give a shit about winning, he just wants saves. it's like he living out his own real life fantasy baseball league.

GM-Carson said...

I just heard that Wagner did accept the trade to Boston now. He's a flip-flopping son of a bitch.

Corey, are you saying Howard sucks in hopes of reverse jinxing him?

Amanda said...

Lol nice plaque. Does Lidge get one for most blown saves?

LynnieMac said...

In Pittsburgh, they put fries on salads as well. Initially weird, but oh my are they on to something.

Lidge deserves many things for Most Blown Saves, but a plaque isn't one of them. Unless it's upside his head.

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