Saturday, July 18, 2009

While I Was Out

Back from vacation feeling relaxed and rested. I'm also feeling pretty damn good about the Phillies right now as they've bumped their NL East lead up to 6 games and have won 7 straight and 11 of the last 12. They've played so well of late that frequent commenter Aaron has deemed them worthy of an ex-vagina tag...Cole Hamels was sweating that. What else happened while I was out...

*Feel good story Chris Coste's time with the Phils came to a shocking end. Shocking because he was released in favor of Paul Bako. I appreciate everything Coste-to-Coste did for the Phightins during his 4 seasons and will always have fond memories of him.

*Pedro Martinez was signed to a 1 year $1M contract. I don't foresee him helping much, but whatever.

*Ryan Howard is good at hitting homeruns and striking out. Quickest player to 200 homeruns, and will also likely be the quickest to 800 strike outs, but who's counting?

*Clay Condrey was activated from the DL and Tyler Walker was designated from assignment. I haven't heard what the plans for Walker are yet, but I hope he stays in the system, because he actually did a decent job.

*Roy Halladay is still the buzz name in the rumor mill, and I have my credit card poised for ordering a Phils Halladay jersey the day it becomes official.

*John Mayberry Jr. is too young to say he "sucks", but dammit he kinda sucks- .176 average and 31 k's in 51 ab's. In the month of July he has 13 at bats with no hits and 7 k's.

*Of course our other righthanded pinch hitting option is Eric Bruntlett and his fantastic .139 batting average. Ruben should try signing Julio Franco out of retirement if he's going to invest time and money into has-beens.

*Grand Pappy Moyer continues to battle back from the brink of sucking beyond belief and turns in a quality outing buying him some more time. Hard to believe he leads the staff with 9 wins.

*Raul Ibanez didn't miss a beat while on the DL, dude can still mash.

*My favorite prospect, Michael Taylor, is now a Triple-A Lehigh Valley Iron Pig.

*Tonight- Joe Blanton vs. Josh Johnson tonight in Florida. Blanton has been pitching great lately, but Johnson is always tough against the Phils.



Andrew said...

The guys are looking great. A little worried about Johnson since he's just all around so good but its not terrible if we drop one of the four this weekend.

By the way, got a Howard for Lowrie (BOS)

GM-Carson said...

I caught up on all the "Howard" list this morning when I returned. I'll add Lowrie's tomorrow.

I'm still worried about Lidge. He continues to put men on base, give up the long ball, and give up runs. Scary shit from a closer.

GM-Carson said...

Another freakin' rain delay?!

This might be good though, since Josh Johnson was mowing down the Phils and Joe Blanton looked like not-so-good tonight. A delay of an hour would do the trick, two new pitchers when play resumes.

Dr. Steve said...

Woohoo Postponed! Hopefully they'll make it up in Philly so we don't have to sit through another miserable empty stadium Florida game.

Why are they allowed a team in ANY sport? Their stadiums are always empty. (Okay I think the Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning do well... but that's it.)

GM-Carson said...

Mother Nature is even a Phillies fan at this point.