Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Stuff

*Rodrigo Lopez is now 3-0 and the Phillies have won all 4 games that he has started. They've already gotten more than what they invested in him, and removing him from the rotation would be foolish. Just because Pedro might be ready in another week, should not mean RoLo gets bumped.

*So much for that pitching surplus I spoke of Tuesday, as the DL is now being crowded with relievers (Romero, Durbin, and Condrey). Tyler Walker, Kyle Kendrick, and Steven Register have taken their spots. Inspire confidence? Yeah, I didn't think so.

*Phillies hot streak coinciding with a Jimmy Rollins hot streak...whoa, really? The saying goes, "As J-Roll goes, so do the Phillies." July: 16-5 record, Rollins- .337/.965, 17 r, 11 rbi, 13 bb, 7 sb, 12 xbh. We should all be very thankful.

*Mets record- 45 wins, 51 losses, 10.5 games back. Mets DL'd: Jose Reyes, Billy Wagner, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, John Maine, Fernando Martinez, Fernando Nieve, JJ Putz, Ramon Martinez, and Gary Sheffield. Go ahead and laugh.

*Here's to hoping today's starter Joe Blanton continues his season trend, as his ERA has dropped with each month. April- 8.41, May- 4.65, June- 3.62, July- 0.83.

*Where they stand: 1st in NL in runs (518), 3rd in MLB. 13th in ERA (4.47), 22nd in MLB. Lowest errors in NL (39), 2nd lowest in MLB. 2nd best record in NL (55-40), 5th best in MLB.

*To get Roy Halladay- Kyle Drabek, JA Happ, and Dominic Brown. No thank you.



Von Hayes said...

I would do the deal in a second! Happ is a glorified version of KK.

Rich Baxter said...

Yesterday's win doesn't get much better!

Check out the July/Aug edition of

Fightin Phillies - magazine

the publication of

GM-Carson said...

By "glorified version", do you mean good? Because Happ is pretty good.

GM-Carson said...

Jays rejected latest offer from Phils of Happ, Carrasco, Taylor, and Donald. Screw them, that seemed steep with Happ & Taylor anyway.

Mr. Smith's Math Blog said...

Happ looks better then KK, but we thought KK was good 2 years ago too. As a matter of fact, I'll give the Jays KK and Carassco as throw-ins for Halladay.

GM-Carson said...

KK did do well, but never as well as Happ has been doing. KK pitched to contact, became a headcase, and didn't have a put away pitch. Happ seems confident and misses bats with his deception.

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll with another homerun, now 10 this season and is approaching
.240 with his average. That's a great deal better than the low .200's he was dealing with a few weeks ago.

Aaron said...

The Phils need to stop F'ing around with the Jays.

Offer them Drabek, Brown or Taylor, and Donald.

That's a lot to give up but for Roy Halladay you have to give a lot up. If the jays shoot that down then F em move on and go after Lee.

The phils counter offer was as rediculous as the Jays first offer. They asked for 3 players and we counter offered with none of those three players included.

GM-Carson said...

The Jays are foolish not to deal Halladay for the best offer they can get, because his value will never be higher for them on the trade market than it is right now.

Phils dominating, and I'm loving it. Way to go Joe!

SirAlden said...


Let's take a look and breakdown the BlueJay's Offer and the Phillies CounterOffer.

1) Drabek
2) Brown
3) Happ
4) Taylor
5) Carrasco
6) Donald (or a 5th Player)

The BlueJay's started with: 1,2,3.
The Phillies countered with: 3,4,5,6.

First of all this is not about Happ the 3)player at all.

The Phillies replaced 1) with 5) and 2) with 4), and added 6.

They are trying to protect Drabek
and Brown, the #1 and #2 prospects in the system, again it has nothing to do with Happ.

Now in order to get Halladay, the Phillies will have to include Drabek 1) in any deal or it is just not going to happen.

As Phillie Phans we remember the Decade long injury and pain we felt with the Curt Shilling trade.
The GM of Toronto is not going to repeat that injury to his Fans.

So what is this really about?

These are the counters that could result in a deal, going from Low to High from the Phillies point of view.

1) Drabek, 4) Taylor 5) Carrasco + 6).

1) Drabek 4) Taylor 3)Happ + 6).

1) Drabek 2) Brown 5) Carrasco +6).

These are the three scenarios that
span from the Phillies first counter, to the BlueJay's 1), 2), 3).

If there is a Deal, it will be in the form of one of these 3 Offers in the Middleground. I believe it will have to be the 2nd or 3rd Option.

Von Hayes said...

Happ is never going to be more than a good 3. Halladay makes you the world series favorite for the next two years. Can you imagine World Series Champions 08, 09, 10!? Halladay makes your chances a lot better. I do not care about the future I care about right now. The Phillies cn be the Red Sox and Yanks of the National League. They will be able to sign free agents at any time so if you give up Happ and Drabek just replace them with 2 free agents.

Bob D said...

no other team can put a package together like what the phils can right now They can get the deal done w/o drabek but would have to give up either brown or taylor as well as some pitching. I'd rather give up brown as taylor is much closer to the majors and more likely to have success.

Drat on the bullpen injuries

Blanton is doing great, and make the need for a trade less thus improving the Phils stance.

A trade for a bat is more likely IE: Kendrick or Carpenter for Willingham

GM-Carson said...

With the Nationals pitching woes, you'd think they'd jump at the opportunity to get Kendrick or Carpenter for Josh Willingham.

By the way, the Phils are on fire!

Mr. Smith's Math Blog said...

Except that Kendrick sucks.