Saturday, July 04, 2009

New Hero

Rodrigo Lopez did something last night that Cole Hamels hasn't been able to accomplish in a a game. Lopez made his return to the majors after nearly a 2 year absence due to Tommy John surgery. 6 innings and 2 runs usually gets the job done. He's the short term answer for 5th starter, and currently a hero for helping beat the Mets and recapture 1st place. The Phillies are now 1-0 in the new season which began last night.

Total Bust:
Remember last year's 1st round draft pick Anthony Hewitt? If you're lucky, you don't recall this absolute bust. In his first taste of professional baseball, Hewitt batted .197 with a .555 OPS in 33 games, while striking out 55 times in 117 at bats, and committing 7 errors at 3rd base for a .848 fielding %. Things have actually managed to have gotten worse this season- .152 avg, .455 OPS, 17 k's in 46 ab, and 8 errors in only 13 games.



Aaron said...

The Phillies were born on the Vagina of July.

GM-Carson said...

Thank you Aaron. Thank you.

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap, Steve McNair was just found dead at his condo shot to death.

Aaron said...

I will continue to use the Phillies and Vagina in the same sentence until I feel their win loss record is acceptable to me.

Right now their record is about as acceptable as stale vagina.

GM-Carson said...

Stale vagina is better than no vagina.

Andrew said...

I agree carson. only a married man knows that truism

GM-Carson said...

I plead the 5th.

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