Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moyer Owns Marlins, Again

- Jamie Moyer is now 13-2 against the Florida Marlins. He has the most career wins versus the Orioles (18) and the lowest ERA versus the Cardinals(2.34), but he hasn't completely dominated another team like he has the Marlins.

- Ryan Howard reached 200 homers in only 658 games, the quickest to do so in baseball history. However, he hasn't recorded a single "Howard" all year, which makes the first milestone a little less special.

- The Phillies have the second biggest division lead in baseball, with only the Dodgers 7 game lead over SF larger.



Dr. Steve said...

That picture is frighteningly accurate with how Moyer's been pitching lately. Young, youthful, buff.

Anonymous said...

Moyer looks like he's going to have a solid second half. Last night was brilliance. Although, look at this track record against the Marlins; he always dominates them

Jay Ballz said...

You should have put some Liberty Bell stirrups on Moyer in that pic!!

Aaron said...

WTF with Wes Helms!
That douche bonnet is pissing me off.

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