Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mother Nature Loves a Win Streak

Josh Johnson and the Marlins certainly pissed Mother Nature off. The prospects of the Phillies continuing their 7 game win streak didn't look good last night. Johnson seemed to be well on his way to another gem against the Phils, and Joe Blanton didn't bring his "A" game, so naturally the clouds burst open with rain and postponed the game preserving the win streak and 6 game lead over the rest of the NL East.

New Pitching Lineup: Today (Happ), Monday (Lopez), Tuesday (Blanton), Wednesday (Moyer), and Thursday (Hamels).

Around the Minors:
Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (46-47)- catcher Lou Marson has his batting average up to .301. Recently promoted outfielder Michael Taylor clubbed his 1st homerun. Carlos Carrasco notched his 6th win and dropped his ERA below 5.

Reading Phillies (51-41)- Joe Savery and Kyle Drabek were each roughed up in the past week, but are still having excellent seasons.

Clearwater Threshers (42-44)- outfielder Steven Susdorf is batting .414 in 21 games and .376 over 42 games spanning 2 stops this season (previously in Lakewood).

Lakewood BlueClaws (54-37)- 2008 13th round pick, Brian Rosenberg, is quietly becoming quite the closer prospect. Over 2 seasons he's put up these impressive #'s- 10-3 record, 51 games, 76 innings, 99 k's, 24 saves, and a 1.07 ERA.

Williamsport Crosscutters (16-13)- roster mostly comprised of 2008 and 2009 draft picks.

Around the Internet:
*From Jayson Stark- When Rollins has scored a run this year, his team is 32-8 (meaning it wins 80 percent of the time). And when he hasn't, the Phillies are 13-30 (meaning they win only 30 percent of the time). Over the last three years, the Phillies are 85 games over .500 (141-56) when Rollins crosses home plate -- and 40 games under (85-125) when he doesn't.

*From More Hardball- a look at the path to GM'ing by Ruben Amaro.



GM-Carson said...

Why the hell is Eric Bruntlett starting at 1st base?

Why the hell put he contact play on with no outs in the top of the 1st? I like the contact play with a speedy runner, but not with no outs.

GM-Carson said...

Eric Bruntlett is now 0-3 in the game and has dropped his batting average to .133.

Better Choices to start at 1st against LHP:
1. Ibanez- 135 career games at 1st base, and then start Mayberry in LF.

2. Dobbs- everyone says he can't hit lefthanders, and he can't for the most part, but his career .250 average against them is far better than Eric Bruntlett's.

Corey said...

Because there are no other RH players that can play there now that coste is gone. ibanez has made 14 appearances at first in the last 5 1/2 seasons, his last almost four years ago. i don't think charlie is going to stick his 37 year old all-star with a groin injury at a position he hasn't played in four years. as for dobbs, just looking at his average against lefties is deceiving. his OBP is only .288 and his slugging percentage a putrid .286. fact is, bruntlett has much better lifetime numbers against lefties than dobbs and is a far better defender.

I doubt the contact play was on, especially with the middle infield back. Jimmy was on his own their and made a bad decision.

Corey said...

Why the hell is Eric Bruntlett still on this team?

GM-Carson said...

JA Happ is making a strong case for NL Rookie of the Year. 7 more shutout innings today, dropping his ERA to 2.68. If the Jays want him in a trade, that's a no-go. No sense dealing away our best pitcher this season, who is under control for years to come.

Corey said...

he is no longer JA Happ. instead, he is ROY Happ.

Dr. Steve said...

JA Happ is someone under suspicion only because the same story was said about Kendrick during his Spectacular Rookie Season.

If we, with the knowledge we have now, could have traded Kendrick back then for a great pitcher, we would do it in a second. That is the argument for trading Happ.

I personally don't know how I feel on the issue - but I don't want to trade away our minor leagues. I also think it's stupid to deal Happ in a move for Roy H. just because he IS our best pitcher... so there's no significant gain to be made. It's not like we're trading non-impact players for an impact player. That's my biggest issue with this trade.

Bob D said...

Mayberry is a right handed hitter who can play first, now why is Bruntlet playing at first? Why is he on this team?

I am not a fan to trade for Halliday considering of what it will cost. I believe Drabek, Savery, Carrasco, Happ, Taylor, Donald, and Marson are all too good to give away for a top pitcher. I like the idea to get a top pitcher but I feel all of these guys will be good to great players.
The Phils should win the division (now a 7 game lead) so no need to get someone for the pennant run. However in a best of 5 or 7 game series better starters would help. They can wait till end of July to see how Blanton, Moyer, Lopez, and company are doing before deciding if they need another top pitcher in the rotation. The other deadline is at the end of August to finalize the roster for post season. Also teams can trade (via waivers) and have so the July 31 trade deadline is not a deadline written in stone as a team can still make a move or two.

Andrew said...

Remember that Kendrick came out of nowhere (AA to be exact). Happ, on the other hand, had been touted as the next big thing for a few season. I remember back in 2007 people were saying he was an ace-in-waiting. That in mind, leads me to believe that Happ is more the real deal than KK ever was.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies went from playing some of their worst baseball in years to some of their best baseball. This team certainly does keep things interesting.

GM-Carson said...

If not for the Nationals the Mets would easily be a complete laughingstock at this point in the season. Yesterday they committed 2 more errors while their pitching staff walked 8 batters and struck out none.

philly_phanatic said...

GM Carson,
We should be the GM's! Nice title. I am a Phils' fan who just joined. Please check out my latest post here at thanks. And the Phils' signed Pedro so that is a good move! :) Keep up the good work