Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In & Out of Trouble

It amazes me that Jamie Moyer is able to work himself in and out of trouble like he does. He goes through periods where it seems every pitch is a "hit me" or he's missing the strikezone by doing his patented "nibble around the corners" approach like a mouse on a piece of cheese. Sometimes he misses his spot and blammo, a 2-run homerun and like the mouse his neck is snapped by the trap. Other times, he's able to get what he wants and remain unscathed...like last night, no runs over 6.2 innings with 6 hits and 4 walks allowed. Fact is, Grand Pappy has been following a very distinct pattern of good start/bad start over his last 9 appearances. Since his start against the Mets on June 11th, he's gone 6+ innings allowing 3 or fewer runs in alternating starts. In the other starts he's gone mostly just 5 innings while allowing 4+ runs. Guess next outing will be a stinker then, damn.

The Howard:
For the first time this season a player on opposing squads committed a Howard in the same game. Thanks to Detroit's Curtis Granderson and Texas' Michael Young the list of offenders has reached 61. Still no appearance from the stat's namesake, Ryan Howard, or any other Phillie for that matter.

Battle of Aces:
Philadelphia and Arizona send their staff aces to the mound tonight. Cole Hamels (6-5, 4.66 ERA) hasn't pitched like a top of the rotation starter, but he claims he's a "second half pitcher". Dan Haren (10-5, 2.14 ERA) is battling with Tim Lincecum for NL Cy Young honors. Good news, in limited exposure Hamels has done well against the Diamondbacks, where as Haren has not against the Phillies.



GM-Carson said...

What the hell? Get some chatter going on here.

Dr. Steve said...

I'm still confused as I was positive three people had three Howards each. It left me unable to comment this morning.

Also, I say we retain Marson and Taylor and trade everyone we have for Halladay and who is it, Cliff Lee? I'd rather get both than just one, regardless of if it means someone has to sit in the playoffs.

Do you think a Pedro/Myers influx into our bullpen would be enough? And did you think Park would become so... welcome an addition?

philly_phanatic said...

I got some chatter GM, and I am having fun on vacation. Check me out I posted again

GM-Carson said...

Park belonged in the bullpen all along where he can go ball-to-the-wall in short bursts and his pitches get crazy life on them.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay becoming less of a reality, 2008 AL Cy Young Cliff Lee definitely a possibility.

SirAlden said...

Time to Rename the Howard,

If someone goes into the lead:

Rename it again.

SirAlden said...

Drabek is going in any Halladay or Lee Trade.

Can we replace Brown, (5 Tool Lefty potential Dave Parker but with good manners type), with Taylor (4 Tool Righty)?

It seems as if Toronto has caved
on Happ for other prospects.

It is close. Tonight they are Scouting The Donald, Marson, and Taylor in AAA.

Dr. Steve said...

I really don't want to give up Taylor or Marson.

Werth may want too much money, we don't have a solid backup in the outfield in case Ibanez needs help.

We don't have a backup catcher, and hitting catchers are very rare. Both of those make me want to keep Marson. Also, the guy can catch the ball, and if we're replacing Ruiz, we don't want someone who will let the ball go wild.

Everyone else is replaceable in the near future, or not necessary. I WILL say that our upcoming draft needs to be pitcher-heavy. Like, almost everyone.

Dr. Steve said...

Bullpen Help NAO

BloodStripes said...

Good win King. A 7 game lead is just beautiful.Lets hit .600 Phils. Wooooooo!

GM-Carson said...

Great game by Cole. Shame Lidge almost pissed it away. What the hell is his deal?

BloodStripes said...

Whatever it is, it ain't good enough for october.

Matthew Appleton said...

Okay, I'm a little late to the game and can't easily find the answer myself: what's a "Howard"?

GM-Carson said...

Anytime a player commits an error, strikeouts, and hits a homerun in the same game.

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