Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Good Dubee Works Wonders

Through my years of watching baseball I've been told Atlanta or St. Louis is the place to go for pitchers looking to rebuild their value. Baseball gurus insist that pitching coaches Leo Mazzone and Dave Duncan have some sort of magic elixir for reclamation projects. I'm here to throw this idea out- Philadelphia is the new designation. Does Rich Dubee actually know what he's doing? Chad Durbin, JC Romero, Scott Eyre, Clay Condrey, and Rodrigo Lopez weren't wanted by anyone, but look at what they've done since joining the Phils. (T-Shirt courtesy of Birdland & Fightins.)

Durbin- 2 yrs, 6-6, 112 gm, 136.1 ip, 110 k, 2 sv, 23 holds, 3.30 ERA, 1.36 WHIP.

Romero- 3 yrs, 5-6, 152 gm, 111 ip, 95 k, 1 sv, 52 holds, 2.27 ERA, 1.29 WHIP.

Eyre- 2 yrs, 4-1, 48 gm, 32.2 ip, 32 k, 14 holds, 1.93 ERA, 1.10 WHIP.

Condrey- 4 yrs, 16-8, 151 gm, 183.2 ip, 99 k, 4 sv, 10 holds, 3.77 ERA, 1.48 WHIP.

Here's to hoping for the continued success of Lopez and the same fortune for Pedro Martinez.

The Phillies are the hottest team in baseball, winning 10 straight and going 14-3 in the month of July. Joe Blanton went 7 solid innings, surrendering the lone run to the Cubs. The bullpen went 6 perfect innings, with Clay Condrey garnering the win. Utley, Howard, and Ibanez went 0-14, but Werth and Rollins delivered enough offense to get the job done. Great pitching all around by both squads and a very fast paced 13 inning affair.

*Thanks to my Baseball Reference subscription I was able to crunch numbers and discover Eric Bruntlett's .395 OPS is the 9th worst this decade by a player with 90+ plate appearances. It's the 109th worst since 1901. Release him!!!

*Chan Ho Park as a starting pitcher- 7.29 ERA, 7 starts, 1 win, 33.1 ip, 21 k, .311 average against. Chan Ho Park as a reliever- 2.94 ERA, 20 gm, 2 wins, 30.2 ip, 36 k, .226 average against. Sometimes bloggers know best.

*Tyler Walker has accepted his minor league assignment and will report to Lehigh Valley. He pitched well for the Phils, and he's likely to get a September call-up.

*Toronto has imposed a deadline of July 28th to resolve the Roy Halladay issue.

*Phils have been scouting Diamondbacks closer Chad Qualls.

*Pedro Martinez threw 4 innings in a simulated game yesterday in Florida, and both Amaro and Pedro reported it went well.

*Moyer goes for his 10th win of the season this afternoon in a Business Persons Special.



Andrew said...

would be interesting if we signed Qualls.... Lidge's old partner in crime in Houston. If I thought we actually needed more bullpen help, which I don't, I would say make the deal. But we need Bruntlet replacement immediately! DFA him and call up Marson or Donald or someone who can hit above .150

Jay Ballz said...

I still remember Qualls as a guy who sucked big ones with Houston. I'm not all that interested in him.

Bruntlett needs to be gone!

philly_phanatic said...

Haha nice picture useless, although he has been good this year..... check me out

Lake Fred said...

We don't want Qualls. He sucks big time.

There must be some young stud prospect that can field, hit and play positions better than the Gnome for the MLB minimum salary. Such a player has to exist. The Gnome has to go....home!

GM-Carson said...

I brought up Reading Phillies Neil Sellers a couple weeks ago and maintain he's currently a better option for utility infielder than Bruntlett.

GM-Carson said...

Pirates just keep dealing away their team, this time sending 1st baseman Adam LaRoche to the BoSox.

McLouth, Nyjer Morgan, and Burnett have all been sent packing now too. Sanchez, Wilson, Capps, Grabow can't be far behind.

GM-Carson said...

This game has a bad feel to it. 2 errors, lousy pitching. Why the hell did Amaro outbid himself and give Moyer 2 years and so many million again?

GM-Carson said...

Time for another "Chasing Eaton" update on Moyer from Corey.

SirAlden said...

Two years was because of the excitement of the World Series,
it should only have been year to year.

I love GrandPappy he is a great 4-5 Starter.

Want to Win Free Beer?

Bet your pal you can tell whether of not Moyer will give up less or more than 3 runs in a game after
watching 1 inning of him pitching.

Last start, Moyer had a wider StrikeZone ala Maddox in the 1st Inning - It resulted in a 1 hitter.

Today, Moyer did not get two perfectly good inside Strikes in the First inning predicting a long day for Moyer.

Why Charlie was Tossed: Later exact same inside strike was given to Zambrano consistantly
the idiot umpire.

Two runs in, sadly time to say Goodbye to Chad Durbin (last year first half he saved us).

Take Bruntlett with you Chad.

GM-Carson said...

Durbin has now walked 33 batters this season. That's unacceptable.

philly_phanatic said...

Durbin has been horrid. Get him outta here! Him and Bruntlett haha. Thanks for commenting. I have a new post up! Check it out :)

GM-Carson said...

Even during this hot streak, Lidge hasn't pitched very well. I'm very scared we have bad goods for the next few seasons with him.

Phils pitching let them down today- Moyer, Durbin, and Lidge. Not doing more damage with the bases loaded sucks too.

Aaron said...

Lidge is terrible and why is he pitching in this game when we are down 3???

GM-Carson said...

What a way to lose the win streak. Totally go against everything good they've done recently with this appalling display of pitching, defense, and situational hitting.

GM-Carson said...

F' that game. Previous 10 game ride was awesome. time to start over tomorrow.

Dr. Steve said...

Lidge scares me too. This whole season he has. Hopefully he has the same issue as Hamels.

But everyone should know that closers are rarely a permanent fixture.

philly_phanatic said...

Dang we lost! How do I get a hit counter? Please comment.

philly_phanatic said...

thanks GM Carson, I will do that.... Please be back soon

Joe said...

Even if he had GPS, Lidge would still have no idea where his FB is going. Without control of the fastball, there's no reason to chase the slider. Myers will be closer by 9/1. How about that for a crazy prediction?

Is there an easy way to see the Phil's record in weekday day games over the last 2-3 seasons? They seem to never put up a good effort and I want to see if perception matches reality.

Now, I want to throw all prospects at Toronto. Most positions are locked up for 2-3 years, so you can focus on pitchers in the draft to rebuild. Halladay is worth any collection of minor leaguers. Heck, let him walk after 2010 and get 2 sandwich picks for him. Then find another Drabek.

Dr. Steve said...

Wow Joe it'd be impossible for me to disagree with you any more than I am now.

1. Myers is so much more unreliable than Lidge. Especially off an injury. Unless I see otherwise, he can pitch in the old Chan Ho Park spots. Up by 10 and seven innings to go.

2. What positions are locked up for 2-3 years? Werth's contract is up this season, isn't it? There's ALWAYS room in the starting rotation for a Kyle Drabek. Lou Marson and his .300 average isn't being blocked by Ruiz. He'll be a backup catcher at least. Rollins and Utley and even Feliz aren't blocking Donald. Utley is untouchable, Rollins should be very touchable with his streakyness, and Feliz is Feliz. Any one of them goes down, and we have to use Bruntlett. Do you want to live in that world?

That's the world you live in as World Champions if you trade for Halliday. Know what ELSE you lose in that trade? Our best pitcher. For what? A new best pitcher? That's an upgrade of what, COMPLETEL IRRELEVANCE?!?!? It's not like we're taking out an Adam Eaton for this guy. Hamels/Moyer is our worst pitcher right now, and I only list Moyer because of the game today. That's who Halliday would have to replace, and odds are he isn't.

The trade sucks. Come on the 29th. I am 100% against the trade. I'd be a bit more favourable towards it if we keep some hitting prospects and Happ.

GM-Carson said...

No offense to Jason Donald but he may be no more than a utility infielder in the majors. If the Jays want him, they can have him.

Werth is under contract through next season. Feliz has an option for next year. Everyone else remains.

Joe said...

Drabek is a prospect. Halladay is proven. Upgrade? Yes.

A farm system is for two purposes - to keep player costs down by developing your own players and to use them as chips for impact players.

There are no position players in the developmental pipeline that are "sure things."

Hamels should revert to more typical numbers. Give me Halladay, Hamels, Happ, Blanton and any #5 for the balance of the season.

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