Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dick Pole Can Only Scratch His Head

22-1, that was a the score of last night's game in favor of the good guys. The Cincinnati Reds pitching staff was atrocious and their pitching coach as Tom McCarthy put it, "Dick Pole can only scratch his head." T-Mac probably didn't understand the innuendo he was making at the time, but because of that line he earned respect points in my book.

*Cole Hamels finally pitched a game that is ace worthy, going 7 innings while giving up only 1 run. If not for the blowout, he could have been left in for the 8th and possibly gone for the complete game if need be as he threw only 92 pitches.

*The top two batters in the Phils lineup (Rollins & Vic) were 7-9, with 3 walks, 9 runs scored, and 5 rbi. Martha Stewart couldn't set the table better than that.

*Scott Eyre returned from the DL with a scoreless inning pitched.

*Tyler Walker continues to be serviceable out of the bullpen, dropping his ERA to 1.80 and WHIP to 1.00 with a perfect 8th last night.

*Raul Ibanez finally began his rehab assignment, and went 0-2 with a walk and a run scored for the Reading Phillies. With the R-Phils heading outta town, it's likely Raul will continue his minor league tuneup with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

*Because of the 10-run 1st inning, 9 of which were charged to Reds starter Johnny Cueto, he saw his ERA jump from 2.69 to 3.45.

*Same time, same place, same teams tonight with pitchers JA Happ and Aaron Harang tossing.

*In case you live in a cardboard box and haven't heard yet, Shane Victorino is up for the Final Vote as the NL's 33rd player. Vote for him until you get blisters, no 25 vote limit on this folks.



Corey said...

glad we finally found a pitcher that eric bruntlett can hit, reds infielder paul janish.

Bob D said...

Janish's ERA is now 49.50 after 2 games this year, makes Eaton look good as long as Eaton is not fighting with JC. I hope they explode for some more runs tonight, I will be there

Jay Ballz said...

I linked to your Dick Pole today.

Have a fine Tuesday. Go, Phils!

GM-Carson said...

Aaron Harang is a good pitcher with sink on his fastball, and those type of pitchers always seem to give Phils lineups a rough time. With that said, I too am hoping for another offensive outburst Bob D.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Roy Halladay is on the market for the right package. I'm strangely obsessed with him, and outside of Chase Utley he's probably my 2nd favorite player in the majors right now. I would be purchasing a Halladay jersey right quick if the Phils got him.

GM-Carson said...

Now this is more like the Phillies we know and love, only 3 runs with tons of runners stranded on base.

I truly would love if Eric Bruntlett weren't a pinch hitting option for Manuel to use. The amount of at bats Brunt has gotten this year is insane.

Aaron said...

Just as I suspected.....Still a bunch of Vagina's.

Aaron still mad at Phillies.

I am a better pinch hitting option of the phils bench than Eric Bruntlett.

GM-Carson said...

Aaron, I was actually looking forward to coming on this morning and reading your vagina comment. Thank you.

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