Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chasing Eaton - Part III

Moyer has now started 19 games, the same number Eaton made in last season. Here's how their numbers compare..

Losses 8
ERA 5.80
WHIP 1.64
BAA .310

Losses 7
ERA 5.65
WHIP 1.44
BAA .296

Moyer also has 9 wins and hasn't put up the absolute shit numbers that Adam Eaton did. Mainly because he has had 5 starts where he's given up 1 run or less. In the other 14 starts, however, he has a 7.55 ERA. Given that now we have a 75% chance that Moyer will give up 5 runs in 6 innings, I'm not convinced Moyer will be able to contribute to this team in October. I'm hoping to see more consistency in the next few starts, regardless of the size of the strike zone...
The Fightin' Mets
The Mets can't win many games these days, but they are good for some interesting stories.

Apparently, Tony Bernazard, the Mets' vice president of player development, challenged at least one double-A player to a fight. Reports are that he called second baseman Jose Coronado a "slang term associated with a woman's anatomy" before "ripping off his shirt like Hulk Hogan" and issuing an invitation to fight in the parking lot.

After hearing that there were shirtless men in the stadium parking lot in Binghamton, Jose Reyes decided to start his rehab there tonight.



philly_phanatic said...

Moyer can be shaky in a good way and shaky in a bad way. Sometimes he can get a great start, and then lose it in the 7th or sometimes he can start out bad and hold them for the rest of his start. who knows about Moyer, they need to bump him outta the rotation and get Halladay for anyone but Drabek. C'mon Phils' we should be GM's! Haha, check me out and comment.

GM-Carson said...

After yesterday, Moyer is at 111 2-3 IP and 19 GS. At 150 IP and 23 GS, his base next year is $7M. If he hits 180 IP and 30 GS, his base will be $10M next year.

Wow, a likely $10 million next season for a 47 year old pitcher that only gets the job done once in a while. Foolish spending Amaro, foolish. He bid against himself for the extra year and the extra millions.

GM-Carson said...

Rumors- The Phillies are as motivated as ever to acquire Roy Halladay. Their goal is to win the World Series, not make the playoffs.
The Phils don't want to trade Kyle Drabek or J.A. Happ, but one GM believes they should include Drabek if one of the two has to go.
The Phillies may have to decide which outfielder to include in a deal: Michael Taylor or Dominic Brown. One scout says there's "nothing not to like" about Taylor.
The Phillies have some interest in Ryan Spilborghs, Scott Hairston and Ryan Raburn.

GM-Carson said...

Dammit, just when things were looking good things start looking bad. Durbin and Romero to DL, Carpenter and Walker recalled.

Dr. Steve said...

Starting to look good? Durbin SUCKS. I don't know why Romero is on the DL though.

Aaron said...

If Jamie Moyer throws a 2 mph fastball from 60 feet and Adam Eaton throws an 89 mph fastball from the same distance 15 minutes later, which ball will reach the 3rd deck in Right field first?

Aaron said...

Tyler Walker is better than Chad Durbin so that is good.

Romero being hurt is bad.
But at least they didn't replace him with Trashner.

Give the Carasco, Brown, Donald and someone NOT named Taylor or Drabek.
If the Jays don't take that then forget Halladay and move on.

Dr. Steve said...

I don't even know who Brown is.

I'd also put Marson on that list, because we need a backup catcher, and we need a hitting catcher.

I know Ruiz has come a long way, but I want a hitting catcher. I have faith in Marson.

philly_phanatic said...

I have a new post up. come check it out. Phils' up 4-3 and Buehrle threw a perfect game!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

GM-Carson said...

Love me some Phils offense.

BloodStripes said...

i finally fixed my friggin problems. So now i can watch some friggin baseball. I thought i was ousted forever. Give thanks and praises.

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- you're back buddy! We thought we lost you forever.

BloodStripes said...

Carn the Phils!!

BloodStripes said...

Yeah been suffering a bit of baseball depression. Couldn't get the bloody mlb flash thingy to work. I had given up by May but by total fluke i just got it working. Listening to the last game right now. Nice to be back. All i could do was read about the season so far. So it sure is good to watch a few highlights and listen to a ballgame again.

BloodStripes said...

I suppose i should have commented here and there but i stayed away because it just made me sad. HA!!!

The Phils are going well and the mutts are sucking. All is well with the world.

philly_phanatic said...

Who is bloodstripes? :) I am going on vaca Carson, so I can get back to you if you comment on my new post before 12 o clock. But at 12 I gotta leave. So see ya.

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