Friday, July 31, 2009

Utley Commits a Howard

Today is a momentous occasion as WSBGM's has added the first Phillie to "The Howard" list.

The Howard- "The Howard" is a statistical accomplishment made popular by our slugging first baseman - a homer, strikeout, and error in the same game. We will acknowledge any player that gets a "Howard" and keep a running total on the right sidebar. Although we fully expect Ryan to dominate this category, it will be interesting to see if any Phillie can challenge him.

Astonishingly enough, Ryan Howard has made it through 100+ games this season without committing a "Howard". This is due to his improvement on defense (only 7 errors), not his lack of homeruns (26) or strikeouts (121). However, playing beside him on the diamond is the first offender of "The Howard" in a Phillies uniform this season- Chase Utley. Congrats! I'd tip my cap to him, but I'm sitting at my computer in nothing but boxer shorts.

Last Night:
Whether Rodrigo Lopez pitched good or bad, it was likely his last start for the time being. Unfortunately it went bad. It wasn't entirely his fault as the Phillies committed 3 errors leading to 4 unearned runs, but he managed only 4 innings allowing 10 baserunners and 7 runs total. The offense looked lost for the second consecutive night, this time succumbing to Jonathan Sanchez. Newly acquired Ben Francisco got his first hit in a Phils uniform.

Cliff Lee takes the mound for the first time at the MLB level for a team other than the Cleveland Indians. He's looking to make an instant impact by stopping a 2-game skid and put the Phils back on a winning track. He's been nearly flawless in interleague matchups: 12-2, 141.1 ip, 108 k, 3.18 ERA, 1.25 WHIP. Cliff is a lifetime .063 batter (2-32). The enemy counters with rookie Ryan Sadowski. Gotta win tonight with Tim Lincecum pitching tomorrow.

*Scott Mathieson continues to rehab his way back from 2+ seasons of injury. He was just promoted to Double-A Reading and has a 2-0 record in 10 games and 15 innings with 18 k's and 0.00 ERA in 3 stops.

*Eric Bruntlett continues to get at bats and continues to fall into the infamous pages of MLB history. His .381 OPS is the 5th worst this decade by any non-pitcher with 90+ plate appearances, and it's the 83rd worst since 1901. Release his mangy ass!

*Rotation- Cliff Lee (FRI), Joe Blanton (SAT), Cole Hamels (SUN), Jamie Moyer (TUE), and JA Happ (WED).



GM-Carson said...

I'm really pulling for Cliff Lee to have a dominating performance. Don't want bad mojo to creep in.

Kevin McGuire said...

Who'd a thunk that Utley would commit the first Phillies "Howard"? Not I for sure.

Does he get bonus points for intimidating Sanchez after nearly being decapitated? reminded me of Shane "No throw at my head" Victorino.

Waiting for a good old fashioned bench clearing brew-haha...

GM-Carson said...

I loved how Utley didn't even call for time, just turn his back on Sanchez as he was delivering and stepped out of the batter's box. Don't F with Chase!

Joe said...

Utley's smoldering rage last night was fun to watch. I'd hate to be his neighbor and forget to return his hedge clippers. That episode over shadows the loss.

SirAlden said...

Ro-Lo deserved better his last two starts, here is hoping he does well as a long man for us, or the Phils let him go to a team that needs a 5th Starter in August.

Thanks Ro-Lo!

SirAlden said...

Time to Watch the Rotation 2 times Round.

This should be fun.

Dr. Steve said...

Scott Mathieson, can we trust him? He was supposed to be the next big thing at one point - Cole was really big on him. And while I'd love to believe our farm system has this depth to it that I am unaware of, I'm just not sure.

Ro Lo wasn't his best last night. I'd give him a chance over Moyer probably. But I want out of San Fran and back home. Enough of this crappy stadium and stupid fans.

ACSmitty79 said...

Utley should have been credited with 2 errors last night. No way that ball Utley dropped at 2nd from Feliz was on Feliz. Chase was strattling the bag looking for a play. He just screwed up.

Either way, i hope the team isn't headed for a batting slump again.

GM-Carson said...

When this team gets in a hitting funk they're entirely non-enjoyable to watch. But it's only 2 games, lets cut them a bit of slack.

philly_phanatic said...

I have a new post up. I personally think it will be
1. Hamels
2. Lee
3. Blanton
4. Happ
5. Moyer

With Pedro and Ro Lo in the bullpen. I think that Pedro should be setup and Ro Lo could maybe share some middle relief time

SirAlden said...

Watch PEDRO against

Marston Batting 7th and
Donald Batting 8th!


Taylor Batting 5th
Mayberry Batting 7th


GM-Carson said...

Michael Taylor with a 2-run shot of Carlos Carrasco. Pedro got touched up a little though, given up 3 runs so far.

Aaron said...

Clifford Lee does not suck.

Aaron said...

Cliff Lee is a better hitter than Bruntlett.

Aaron said...

Mr. Francisco looks like a real good pick up as well.

Ruben Punked the Indians.

SirAlden said...

I love Francisco. He can Catch the ball.

Pedro was really good innings 1-4 then pooped out.


GM-Carson said...

Great game.

I asked for a dominating performance from Lee, and that's exactly what I got. 2 hits too, awesome!

Lost in the fold is the Francisco pickup, which was also very good in its own right.