Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blog Update

The GM's will be on All-Star break hiatus for the next week. Posting will be a little scarce and of even lesser quality than usual.

I'll be giving out mid-season awards later this week and if any major roster moves are made (Pedro, Roy, et al.), I'll be here to throw down a rant or two. Otherwise, I plan on being sunburnt, intoxicated and covered in sand.

Goodbye, Chris Coste.



Rich Baxter said...

Have a nice break! Enjoy the All Star Game, I am working really hard to finish the next edition of the Fightin Phils Fan's magazine over at my site,

Aaron said...

when did Paul Fucko become our starting catcher?

Why does Hamels continue to suck this year?

SirAlden said...

These are the days...

Not since '76 - '80.

Nice Win in the 9th.

Dr. Steve said...

So did Bako become a hero overnight?