Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bad Things

Bad Thing- Jimmy Rollins is hitless in his last 27 at bats. Yes, the same Jimmy Rollins that was the 2007 NL MVP. The same Jimmy Rollins that remains leading off for the defending World Series champions. The same Jimmy Rollins that is batting .205 with a .569 OPS. That Jimmy Rollins is now officially classified in the "suck" department. This isn't a slump, this isn't a funk, it's a shitty season. He is currently ranked 4th from the bottom in batting average among qualified batters and 2nd from the bottom in OPS (Brian Giles is the lowest of the low).

Bad Thing- In 15 starts this season Cole Hamels has failed to go 5 innings in 5 of his starts, that's 1/3 of the time. In 6 of his starts he's allowed 4 or more earned runs. His stats are not of ace quality, with a 4-5 record, 4.98 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, and an unbelievably high .312 batting average against. The 25 year old had two very strong seasons in 2007/2008, but he's completely crapping the bed this year.

Bad Thing- The Phillies grasp of 1st place in the NL East is coming close to being no longer. With last night's loss, they fell to 39-36 on the season with a microscopic half game lead on the Marlins. Let's not fool ourselves, this team is just not the same team from '08. The pitching staff is disgusting from rotation to bullpen and that won't be getting better unless an overhaul is made (like a Roy Oswalt and LaTroy Hawkins addition).

Good Thing- prospects and teammates Michael Taylor and Kyle Drabek continue to dominate the minors. Drabek picked up his 5th win in Double-A Reading last night, going to 9-1 on the season with 2.58 ERA and 104 k's in 101.1 ip. Taylor went deep for the 15th time and upped his batting average to .350. He also has a 1.020 OPS with 14 stolen bases, 53 runs, and 58 rbi.

Tonight- 2009 staff ace JA Happ looks to salvage the final game of the series. However, Javier Vazquez and his 125 k's and 3.04 ERA will likely halt any idea of sneaking out of Atlanta with any pride. The Phillies are his favorite team to face with a career high 11 wins and 138 strikeouts against them.

Awesome- this jersey kicks so much ass! Picture courtesy of Who Does He Play For?



Dr. Steve said...

Phillies better recognize the "Good Things" category, and make sure that they don't disappear for a one-year contract relief pitcher.

GM-Carson said...

Yes, I'm hoping no Larry Andersen/Jeff Bagwell swaps go down.

SirAlden said...

I hope Jimmy is moved to 8th.

I hope we do not trade the farm.

I hope we can pick up a good arm for the pen for a mid prospect.

I hope we take a chance on Bedard.

I hope Cole Hamels can help my
WSBGM's3 Fantasy Baseball team
after the All-Star Break.

I hope we Bring Up Carrasco and Drabek during the All-Star Break.

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope


Jay Ballz said...

Well, just when we were growing tired of talking about Lidge sucking, Ibanez's blog battle started. Just when that died down, J-roll began sucking. Now, let's talk about Cole a bit...then Howard will begin a slump.

This team is not consistant. It's been painful to watch.

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy Rollins- 1 pitch. 1 out. Pathetic.

Aaron said...

Everybody ready for a Javy vasquez grand slam

Aaron said...

Here's some things that are more enjoyable than watching a Phillies game...

squeezing lemon juice into your eyes for 3 and a half hours.

A nail gun testicle accident.

A root canal.

Eating a pube sandwich

Aaron said...

Here is a list of people that are better hitters than Jimmy Rollins:

Every male over the age of 12 and some girls.

Andrew said...

Blum (Hou) with the Howard.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Madson is lost. He's so absolutely horrible right now that it's sad.

GM-Carson said...

Another loss. They went from 12 games over .500 to just 2 games over. It's been a long time since the Phils have played this poorly. Total joke of a team right now.

GM-Carson said...

If you're looking for further reason to be pissed, go over to BeerLeaguer and read comments about how you shouldn't be pissed or bitter because they won the World Series last season.

I'm still ecstatic about last season's WFC, but that was last season. To keep using that as a reason not to be upset about the current product is complacency, and I am not complacent.

Aaron said...

Fuck the Phillies.
They are all pussies
They all have no heart.
They got their rings and they are satisfied.

Seriously i just can't watch anymore.
I'm out for the season.

SirAlden said...

I have been really mad at Ryan Madson, until this evening.

On the radio they said that this
was his 40th appearance of the year.

He had let in runs only 3 times in the first 31 appearances. Now 6 in the last 9.

It starts with Moyer, who we love, but should have gotten a year to year deal, like Tim Wakefield.

Then it goes to Myers, who clearly
has not been right for the last few years, who sucking down a huge, huge contract, the likes or Burrell and Abreu, given out by a timid Ed Wade.

Then, sadly it goes to Cole Hamels
being the 26th of 28th young starter now doing as well as the year before when they are used many more innings.

The Problem is not Ryan Madson,
it is the Rotation, could we have seen it and over paid for a Free-Agent Starter? Maybe.

This Franchise that I dearly love, are entirely too CONSERVATIVE when bringing up
young players.

Remember Utley, does anyone remember not even bringing up Ryan Howard to DH during INTERLEAGUE play when we had Gentleman Jim Thome at 1B?

Look at Happ. Nothing wrong with Happ. He should have gotten Eaton's innings last year.


It is time to TRADE away the farm, which I do not want, trade a medium minor leaguer for a useful player to bet on, or
bring up young live arms at the
All-Star break.

The other teams in the NL EAST
are supremely flawed.

We can and should make it to the Post Season, but the problem now
is the Rotation, which will continue to implode the Relievers.

Time to Man Up. Reuben. Call Gillick and follow his advice.