Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"208!, 208!", Check that, "207!, 207!"

Usually Braves fans annoy the piss outta me, but last night I felt compelled to join in their cheering. No, not that politically incorrect tomahawk chop crap, but the heckling they were aiming at Jimmy Rollins. J-Roll, fresh off of a 4 game mind and body refresher was stupidly slotted back into the leadoff spot. Perched atop the lineup last night he set the table beautifully by going Oh-for-Five. In the 9th inning as Jimmy was at the dish, Braves fans started chanting, "208!", "208!", which was his batting average at the time. He promptly struck out lowering his batting average to .207, so hopefully they pick right back up in the top of the 1st tonight with a "207!", "207!" cheer.

*Why the hell was Chan Ho Park signed to a multimillion dollar deal? Everyone but Amaro seemed to know he'd be an epic fail in any role, as his numbers away from spacious Dodger stadium depicted.

*I understand playing J-Roll, because sadly enough he's still our best option at SS, but why bat him leadoff?

*Why pinch hit Chris Coste against Derek Lowe? Manuel was afraid he might waste Stairs in that situation, because Bobby Cox would have countered with a lefty, so he should have sent Bako up and then countered with Coste or Mayberry if Cox countered. Confused? Hope so!

*Why does Ryan Madson suck?

Phils supposed ace, Cole Hamels, attempts to even the series with the Braves sending Jair Jurrjens to the mound. Hamels has beat the Braves (7 wins) more than any other MLB team in his 4 seasons. Jurrjens has held Phillies batters to a .212 average in 5 career starts against the team.



joesox said...

Sad but true. The J-Ro thing is really starting to irk me too. I don't care how fast he is, it doesn't matter if he DOES NOT GET ON BASE. He can't even muster up a walk. I think the World Series Classic really messed him up, he was lights out during that but hasn't been the same since. I wonder if he is injured.

Aaron said...

Tonight will be another loss. so will tommorow. J-roll will go 0 for 10 over the next two days.

The World series is over......BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Maybe he's just trying to make Bruntlett feel better about himself.

GM-Carson said...

I predicted Jimmy to bat over .300 this season...dumbass!

GM-Carson said...

Supposedly Rodrigo Lopez is taking Antonio Bastardo's spot in the rotation.

That's not gonna get it done.

SirAlden said...

Ryan Madson.....

Hmmm..... Why did he let us down, this last month, repeatedly.
When we needed him.

J-Roll should be moved down in the
lineup, and told that he loses 1,000K Dollars per First Pitch he swings at. He Defense is still stellar. He just needs to be moved down.

Cholly really is good standing
by his guys, it takes a lot of
pressure off everyone and allows
them to succeed. Jimmy should be
asking for a breather.

I am actually not upset about Rodriguez. The Phillies have liked him for years, let give him
a shot and then be done with him or lose him on waivers.

Aaron said...

Hamels isn't even a good pitcher this year. He is mediocre at best.

Rollins should retire.

Rodrigo Lopez????????? Great way to think it through guys.....real good.

I can't even watch a whole game anymore I watch like 3 innings and that's all i can take.

Bottom line this team just sucks.

GM-Carson said...

I haven't gotten too pissed off yet this season, but I'm pissed now. Hamels can't even make it 5 innings this season. He's horrible. I can't stand his sissy hair, girly smile, and bullshit pitching. He's what Webster's dictionary refers to as overrated.

Dr. Steve said...

I believe we're officially "sellers" come the trade deadline.

The Flyers recently made a Chris Pronger deal. Sure, he can help teach the younger players on how to be awesome. Sure, he can help train the younger defensemen to be like him when. But his main purpose is to win NOW.

The Phillies would be the team trading away Pronger. The Phillies are in a rebuilding year. Rebuilding and recovering. Their pitchers are overworked from the Fall Classic. Jimmy Rollins is done as a shortstop. Players are hurt. The team is in shambles. It's time to ready the team for the next few years. Give up on this season.

Besides, with the NL East the way it is, the Phillies will probably still win the division.

GM-Carson said...

As bad as they've been over the last month, they can't be "sellers", they're still in 1st place.