Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raul Ibanez Will Give You His Stool

You probably saw the story on If not, you can go here and read it.

In summary, a blogger suggested that Ibanez's monster year will "immediately generate suspicion" for PED's. Ibanez took umbrage. Some select quotes from Raaaauuuul:
I'll come after people who defame or slander me. It's pathetic and disgusting. There should be some accountability for people who put that out there.

You can have my urine, my hair, my blood, my stool -- anything you can test.
A few thoughts from the perspective of a Phillies fan and a blogger:
- I love the fact that Ibanez has stood up and volunteered to be tested. I wish more players would do that when they are suspected or accused. There are certainly cases of false bravado, where players will ask to be tested knowing full well no one will show up with a urine cup (see: Sammy Sosa), but this is at least better than ignoring the accusation (see: Mark McGwire) or apologizing for...something (see: Jason Giambi).

- I would decline the opportunity to get some Ibanez stool.

- Ibanez is wrong to call the blogger or his post "pathetic and disgusting" and even more inaccurate to suggest "accountability for people who put that out there." This blogger did not accuse Ibanez of taking steroids. He merely commented on the suspicious tendencies of fans around the country who have seen the effects of PED's on baseball. This blogger did not put this "out there." He's not responsible for this. He's accountable for nothing. The players are responsible. Brady Anderson, Brett Boone, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and the rest. The owners are responsible. The commissioner is responsible. Where's the accountability for these people? Ibanez's anger, while totally justified, is misdirected.


Raul Ibanez is pissed! Why? Some a-hole blogger speculates that his breakout season at the old age of 37 has something to do with PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). From Raul, "I'll come after people who defame or slander me. It's pathetic and disgusting. There should be some accountability for people who put that out there. You can have my urine, my hair, my blood, my stool -- anything you can test." Needless to say, it appears he most definitely gives a shit, literally, what public opinion is of him, especially since he's earned everything through "desire, character, work ethic". The fact that he's not ignoring this story and is sticking up for himself makes me admire and like him all the more.

Having lost their 1st round pick because they signed Raul Ibanez, the Phillies had to wait until the 75th pick in the 2nd round during yesterday’s draft. With their first pick they selected a switch hitting high school outfielder from California named Kelly Dugan. He’s not famous yet, and may never be, but his dad is. His dad, Dennis Dugan, has played bit parts on many tv shows and movies. He’s also the director of such comedic classics as Happy Gilmore, Beverly Hills Ninja, Problem Child, Big Daddy, and many others. So, even if his kid doesn’t pan out, at least we may have a comedy made about his minor league endeavors.

Last Night:
4 homeruns off of Johan Santana should win you a ballgame. Some teams go an entire season without hitting him that hard, let alone all in one game. However, the Phils bullpen faltered (finger pointed at Condrey and Durbin), and they lost 6-5 to the Mets. Since the beginning of 2008, the Phils have an ugly 8-15 record against the Mets, and that needs to start changing if they plan on repeating as NL East champs.

Cole Hamels looks to continue his scoreless inning streak and even the series with big-tongued r-tard Mike Pelfrey on the mound for the Mets. Did I ever mention that I hate the f’n Mets? Because I really hate the f’n Mets!



GM-Carson said...

Ibanez did go as far to call the guy something like a 42 year old loser in his mother's basement. That's a blogger stereotype that just isn't true.


Like I said, just isn't true.

Kevin McGuire said...

Honestly though I did not think Jerod's piece was that out of line. I am actually more upset that Gonzo did what he did. It is all too easy for a mainstream media member to blast a blogger. Ken Rosenthal was also out of line on ESPN's OTL.

Corey said...

it's laughable that baseball players, after what we all know about steroids, how they affect performance, and the number of players that utilized them, would get angry at someone suggesting that they might still be used.

as far the mainstream media and guys like ken rosenthal, you have to understand that they are only protecting there own interests. the media as we once knew it does not exist. and it isn't just sports. looke at how major newspapers and tv channels promote certain polital parties and their agendas. ken rosenthal has to side with the players and owners and team because he relies on them for his information to write stories. mainstream guys can blast blogs all they want but the fact is they view this medium as threatening, because the only thing that separates bloggers from ken rosenthal is 1)privaledge and access 2)creativity 3)humor 4)courage to honestly critique performance without fear of losing #1. ken has the first one for sure.

GM-Carson said...

I agree that JRod didn't really do anything wrong. I didn't pointblank accuse Ibanez of steroid use, he merely brought it up because that's the way we as fans have come to view everyone under a microscope. I'm glad Ibanez got pissed, good for him, but for Rosenthal and David Murphy to go popping off at the mouth like this blogger is some sort of criminal is ridiculous.

GM-Carson said...

For poops and chuckles:

Brad Lidge- 3 years $37.5M.

Francisco Rodriguez- 3 years $37M.

Lidge- 32 years old, 496.1 ip, 681 k, 3.32 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 177 sv (33 blown).

K-Rod- 27 years old, 479.1 ip, 618 k, 2.25 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 224 sv (33 blown).

Dr. Steve said...

I still think the Phillies should have signed Fransisco Cordero the year they got Brad Lidge...

Aaron said...

It's my Birthday and i'm sick and f'ing tired of losing to the Mets.

Please Please Please ....all i want for my birthday is a Phils victory tonight

Aaron said...


LORENZO said...

Hey, I'm 42.I'm a blogger. I'm in the basement. But it's my own basement! Love you anyway Raul,'cause your on my fantasy team.

Aaron said...

Cy Pelfrey / Babe Pelfrey.......way to go phils. way to freakin go

GM-Carson said...

5 innings and 4 runs is not ACE, that's shit. Shit is exactly what Cole Hamels has been the majority of this season. Following his stellar '08 season/postseason, he's really come up small.

Emily said...

anyone could get pissed off being accused of something they don't do, especially with something that will rock their world and of course i admire those who willing to prove that they ain't taking anything as they are accused of...

go ahead and give them that sh*t! hahahahaha!
Raul IbaƱez is the best!
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Aaron said...

Paul Bako???
Bases Loaded, down a run , no outs ....
Charlie go's to Paul Bako?


Aaron said...

It's a happy birthday after all.

Chad Durbin sucks.
Chan Ho had a good night but he still sucks. said...

Ibanez is the man. This was a case of some homo not having anything better to write about. Of course it looks like a career year - it IS a career year. Those things happen.

Ibanez was right to put him in his place and also right to vouch for himself with such extreme examples. "I'll cum on your wife's face if you want to test some semen, Rosenthal."

Reverend Paul Revere said...

i love cookies

Rich Baxter said...

Thanks Raul... funny I don't feel like a 42 year old in my mother's basement just blogging away....

I think I just changed my glowing opinion of you..

Obnoxious mets troll said...

How can Ibanez give you his hair he's bald LOL