Monday, June 15, 2009

Praise Pedro

Pedro Feliz has always played Gold Glove worthy defense at 3rd, but just hasn't hit enough to receive the award (now there's a head scratcher). Well, this season Pete Happy is turning in a stellar campaign at the plate, batting .318 with an .810 OPS. He may not be hitting many homeruns (currently 3), but he does have 16 doubles. I'd much rather have a .300 hitter with "gap power" batting 7th in the lineup than a .250ish one who only hits about 15 homeruns. Pedro's bat has had a stabilizing effect at the bottom of the lineup, and finally he may hit enough to catch the eye of the voters and be honored with that prestigious fielding honor.

*Chan Ho Park seems to be settling in nicely to his relief role, as he's now worked 8 straight innings without allowing an earned run. Goes to show us bloggers sometimes do know what we're talking about, despite what the main stream media may say, because we were calling for Happ in rotation and Park in bullpen the entire time.

*The bullpen needed the day off today, because they logged an awful lot of innings over the Mets and BoSox series.

*Don't look know, but Ryan Howard is priming us for perhaps a long stretch of "Howards". His defense is slipping, but his power and strikeout prone swing remain. Cross your fingers and wait.

Screw the Mets:
It seems Francisco Rodriguez was destined to be a New York Met with his flamboyant celebration. He fits in perfectly with the excessively happy, one could even call him gay, Jose Reyes. The two of them sure can put on quite a show fist pumping, sky pointing, shouting, and hand jiving. Well, the Yankees Brian Bruney has seen enough of the gaiety and called him out on it this weekend. This infuriated K-Rod who then decided it was wise to confront Bruney prior to Sunday's game. This is just further evidence that the Mets are a classless organization with oversensitive players that can't handle what they dish out. I very much dislike the Yankees, but seeing them drub the Mets 15-0 yesterday with Johan on the mound is very gratifying. Message to Johan, Tatis, Reyes, K-Rod, and Beltran...just play the damn game!



furiousBall said...

his nickname doesn't even make sense

Spencer said...

Didn't the Mets build a team that is essentially the opposite of the Phils. Where the Phils are a bunch of dirty uniform, never say die, gamers - the Mets are gold chain, flashy suit guys.

They're Cadillacs - we're hondas.

They're wall street - we're broad street.

I'll take the Phils every day and Sunday.

Amanda said...

Feliz is quietly having himself a great season. Overshadowed by Raul, but Feliz keeps knocking Raul in.

Aaron said...

Do you think K-rod dances and points to the sky after he's done having gay sex with Fernando Tatis??

Spencer said...

Is it Tatis or Reyes - or all three?

GM-Carson said...

I know I'm pointing the finger at the Mets, when we have Victorino and JC Romero who also celebrate, but nothing is as obnoxious as the Muts gaytastic celebrating.

Andrew said...

Victorino gets made fun of, at least, for his celebrating. Romero's celebrating is a little obnoxious though, but nothing compared to KRod.

Spencer said...

I guess when it's your side - no big deal. And I think there's a difference between being a hot dog and being excited or passionate. If Reyes was a gamer - then I think his actions would be somewhat acceptable. But he doesn't put out max effort - Victorino does.

K-Rod on the other hand is ridiculous because every save is met by that same celebration. You know that he isn't as excited over a save in April as he would be one in October - yet they get the same reaction. The only explanations are he's a douche or he's trying to show up the other team.

Either way he deserves ridicule.

Jay Ballz said...

Bruney's played in Trenton, man. We don't mess around in the 609-Jerz. Francisco better wwatch himself.

And I've got one word to add about out third baseman.....FELIZ!

Bob D said...

I loved the other game when KRod had the pop up to end the game. He started to yell and pump his fist until Cairo dropped the ball to actually end the game as a 2 run game winning error for the Yanks. That was sweet!

GM-Carson said...

I wish it were Cairo who made the error, because that would mean he's not in the Phils system. But instead it was Castillo who made the error. Same outcome though.

Bob D said...

yeah my bad sorry