Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Road Again

With Willie Nelson playing in the background the Phils have taken to the road again, where they are the major's best team (24-9). Last night they beat up on David Price like he was a pinata, but instead of candy, tons of runs spewed forth. The 10-1 drubbing with good pitching from Grand Pappy Moyer, Tyler Walker, and Sergio Escalona was just what this team needed. The struggles of home and the 5-game losing streak are now behind them, with building a larger cushion in the NL East the goal once again.

*DH'ing Howard was the right move, and is the right move while they're in American League parks and until he is 100% healthy.

*Pedro Feliz and Jimmy Rollins have gone hitless over the last 4 games, a combined 0-30.

*Joe Blanton vs. Matt Garza tonight. If you're looking for a drinking game, I suggest chugging a beer for 5 seconds every time Garza spits...dude is a chronic spitter.

Brad Lidge is Pretty:
Following Brad Lidge's second scoreless rehab outing, Ruben Amaro had this to say- "He threw pretty well. We're pretty pleased, and I think he was pretty pleased with his outing. He was pretty effective." Damn, sign dude up for America's Next Top Model.

Wheels Loves the Cock Clock:
My BFF has been hiding a disturbing secret from me all these years. C'mon Wheels, you can confide in me.



furiousBall said...

good to see Chase have a good game last night, especially after a bad homestand for him personally

GM-Carson said...

By the way, for those that couldn't tell, I used the Wheeler "cock" video from the evil geniuses at The Fightins.

GM-Carson said...

Dobbs at 1st, Howard DH, and Stairs if LF.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge to be activated tomorrow. Escalona likely to be sent back down, although I'd argue it should be Taschner.

Eyre is still about 7-10 days away.

Aaron said...

Well there it is I can't like Pat Burrell any more.

Jimmy Rollins is useless.

The Phillies will get 3 hits tonight if they are lucky.

The Phillies are still a bunch of vagina's.

GM-Carson said...

Bases loaded with no outs on 3 straight walks and Jayson Werth swings at the 1st pitch and grounds into a double play (out at home and 1st). That's bad baseball. Werth should be benched immediately.

Aaron said...

Werth is a douche bag. Great at bat A-hole

GM-Carson said...

I'm not trying to be rude, but every game I sit and wonder how the hell Werth even puts up decent numbers with a swing that long and ugly. He corkscrews himself Bugs Bunny style every swing.

Aaron said...

Stairs is an A-hole too for not getting a two out hit. The phillies just lost the game in the 4th inning. I'm done watching see you tommorow for another loss by the Philadelphia Vagina's.
Or as I like to call them the Fightin Vaginas

GM-Carson said...

Aaron, you need to drink some beer or something bro. It ain't that bad, they are in 1st.

Aaron said...

your right i have a serious non-drinking problem

GM-Carson said...

Like I said, Charlie should have benched Werth. Now look at what he did, he went and broke up a perfectly good shutout.

GM-Carson said...

Well, that game sucked!